David Bushay
Web Designer

London, England
"I adhere to a design principle coined by engineer Kelly Johnson called "KISS""

I’m a graphic designer and the creative director of design agency, DB Designs. DB Designs is a graphic design studio specialising in Branding & Identity. At DB Designs we are passionate about design and communication and believe in the value it can add to businesses, brand image and a companies overall success. We aim to assist companies and organisations to launch, develop and clarify their brands as well as market their services or products. We help our clients use creativity to lay foundation, provide clear direction and real understanding to what can be achieved with their brand.

About my designs

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I’m inspired by creativity. I believe that being creative and using design as a tool can influence the bigger picture, so ideas that are forward thinking and aren’t constrained to any one medium or philosophy but seek to challenge preconceptions and adopt innovative approaches is inspiration for me. Paul Rand inspires me because of his minimalism and simplistic approach to design with a focus on a good conceptual idea.

As a designer, I adhere to a design principle coined by engineer Kelly Johnson called “KISS”, meaning “Keep It Simple Stupid!”. So, as a result all my work, including my website, follow this principal of simplicity and minimalism, with a focus on functionality.

I heard about Wix through my girlfriend who was using it to create a website for her business, and eventually convinced me to do the same. I’ve been using Wix now for about 3/4 years and love it!

DBDesigns - Work

How Wix helped my business

The best thing about Wix is how simple it is to design a website that is a bespoke and tailored at ease, just how you like it. People like the clean look and simplistic design of the site, as well as the fact that it’s straightforward and easy to navigate. I’d recommend it to most people who need that bespoke and individual website for their business or service which is easy to create and implement.



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