Olga Giannopoulou

London, UK
"I think that the cleaner, more 'me' look of my Wix website has attracted more visitors. "

While I am a science and biology teacher by training, I have been in love with photography ever since I can remember, turning semi-professional during the last three years. The demand for my photography have since risen exponentially, forcing me to move away from the more traditionally amateurish web presence to something more refined and more targeted to my clients and wider audience. I shoot mainly travel and event photography, so yes, I’m one of the lucky few who gets to travel the world very frequently.

About my website

A close friend of mine, a photographer too, had been researching numerous hosting sites for a while and when we discussed my requirements, he showed Wix to me. Before my agreement with my last provider expired, I moved over to Wix. My previous provider did not allow for any degree of visual customization without extensive use of coding. Wix provided me with a very user-friendly editor to customize the entire look and feel of my website, enabling me to express myself more freely and accurately.


I would have to say the most enjoyable part of using Wix was the various graphical styles I could use to structure my pages, my galleries and all the other components of my site. I loved being able to experiment with different styles, explore the final impact to the overall look-and-feel and end-user experience, prior to committing to the end result. I think that the cleaner, more “me” look of my Wix website has attracted more visitors and, more to the point, those visitors spend more time exploring the site than before.


Wix provides a great platform to design and customize a unique-looking photography website. Right from the beginning, it offers different start-up templates which you can then, easily develop and finish-up with your personal touch.

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