Nohemi Moran

Chicago, IL
"I have a website that I am proud of and looks professional."

I’m a mother of three children under 6, 4 and 2 years of age. Photography started out as a hobby when I took some black and white film photography classes in my area. I loved it immediately. I did not really expect it to be more than just a hobby, but when friends started asking me to do it for their events and family gatherings, something ignited in me and pushed me to do it for profit. And here I am nearly 7 years later and I love the human interaction of meeting so many different people and the ability to provide them with memories they can keep for a lifetime.

About my website

I found Wix while searching online for an easier way to create a website. As soon as I found it I created the free version of your website, but quickly knew I would purchase a domain and attach it to such a sleek looking website. This was about 2 months ago now.

Nohemi Moran Photo

It is by far the easiest website drag and drop type of editor I have ever used. I created a website that I loved within hours, with a few tweaks and shifts here and there, I had the website go live within a week. Ease of use was a big part of what I was looking for with a business to run and a family to care for. Spare time is slim, but Wix provided the easiest tools to accomplish my needs.


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