Jennifer Greenland

Mosfellsbaer, Iceland
"When you can present a clean, simple site, it is more likely to be noticed and appreciated."

I have worked as a professional photographer for 3 years. My photography is inspired by the things, places and people that surround me. Basically, life is my inspiration and I shoot based on the events that cause me to feel something and motivate me to capture a piece of time. Most of my clients are using my photography for their own businesses in the form of advertising their services, such as travel tours around Iceland or real estate. I primarily sell my photography to be used on the internet for web marketing or printed materials.

About my website

I heard of Wix in a forum while I was looking for a site for photographers. This was one of the places recommended to try for the type of site I was looking for. It’s been a few years now that I have been using the services at and very happy with the results.

There are many advantages of using Wix for your photography portfolio. As a photographer, I spend hours and hours editing photos on the computer and I do not want to spend that much more time creating a website from scratch. Wix offers templates, if so desired, and allows you to set up a site very quickly and for a relatively low cost. This means less time at the computer but your end result looks amazing!

How Wix helped my business

Not only is Wix easy to use and adding photos takes no time at all, it also allows for creativity and you can make your site very personal as well as functional. I have had a lot of feedback from my site and because Wix promotes your page on their Facebook page or blog, this really helps a photographer show the world who they are. The way my photos are presented on my Wix website grabs the attention of people seeking me out or just passing through. My website is simple and eye-catching, due to the Wix template designs and ideas for page creation. When you can present a clean, simple site, it is more likely to be noticed and appreciated.

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