Debbie Eiser
Business Owner & Chocolatier

New York, NY
"Wix helped me to create an outstanding website for the future of my business."

I’m Debbie Eiser, a longtime New York City resident who made a career change about fifteen years ago from advertising & publishing to the food industry. Tiring of desk jobs coupled with a desire to return to my roots – I grew up in a bakery family in NJ – prompted me to begin a series of jobs in local bakeries & cafes.

In addition, I’ve always been strongly influenced by my mother’s love of cooking and her extraordinary entertaining skills. Following in her footsteps, I’ve always enjoyed hosting parties. My guests started telling me that I should sell my chocolate truffles: an idea for Debbie’s Special Occasion Chocolates was born.

My one classic dark chocolate truffle flavor expanded to ten and I began to collect chocolate molds and make a large variety of lollipops, as well. Next came my chocolate-covered pretzels, which have gone on to become my signature item, and chocolate-covered potato chips.

About my website

The original website that I had looked unprofessional and had photos that were a poor representation of my products – I realized that it was time to start from scratch with a new site. Rachel, the wonderful designer I found, chose Wix for me because she knew it was so versatile and user-friendly for someone like me, who knows nothing about web design! After supplying her with samples of my products to photograph and working with her to specify the layout, number of pages I wanted, and items that would appear on each page, I had a beautifully-designed, professional-looking website.


I’ve received nothing but glowing compliments from old and new customers alike and have already recommended Wix to several people who want to re-do their websites after seeing mine. I’ve looked at many websites of other chocolatiers and find a lot of them to be “cluttered” and “messy” looking. In fact, the word I’ve been hearing most frequently to describe my website is “clean-looking.” I think people like the sharp geometric grids, the slideshows of my items, and the simple elegance of the design.


Best of all, I love the ease of editing my text and adding new photos of the items that I feature each month, according to holiday or season. As I expand my product line, I’m happy to know that it will be neither difficult nor tedious to add my latest creations to my site.

With the chocolate industry becoming more competitive than ever – shops and businesses featuring every sort of hand-crafted chocolate seem to be opening constantly – it’s so important to me that I’m able to present my products in the best possible light. So, thank you, Wix, for helping me to create an outstanding website for Debbie’s Special Occasion Chocolates for today and for the future of my business.

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