Marcus J. Richardson
Film Producer

London, UK
"The best part of using Wix is the access to a variety of features and widgets."

I’m Marcus, one third of Mini Mammoth Films. We are a small production company based in East London. We produce a lot of our own films but to do so we need funding and therefore we do corporate projects too, like our most recent film for the RYTHM Community Centre in Newham, London. We are currently shooting one of our own films which is a comedy short we are entering into festivals later in the year called “The Date” (Pt1: Preparation).

About our website

A friend recommended Wix to me when I said I needed to update our website but didn’t want to spend the earth paying someone else to create and then constantly update our site. After creating a personal site for myself and my girlfriend as tester sites, I discovered the freedom Wix offered and decided to design one for Mini Mammoth Films taking me only a matter of days to complete the site. Having to include so much data due to the nature of our work, I was worried Wix wouldn’t be able to handle the footage we are required to showcase but I found that the site runs really well despite the numerous links and videos we have running through our site.


The best part of using Wix was the range of features and widgets – we were able to link up all of our other relevant hubs right there on our homepage and throughout. Having constant 24/7 access to our website gives us the freedom to update it as and when without the need for a third party.

We are still new to the Wix format and are yet to benefit greatly through branding, but we hope to begin selling products through our site, so an option to set up a payment transaction box would be phenomenal.

In today’s commercial world, having a good website is like having a beautiful home. That is the place people visit you to see what you are getting up to, so the more tidy and attractive your home is the more likely people are to take you seriously. Having this new site means we have a beautiful new home with all the furnishings needed for us to really build in the foreseeable future.

The main challenges we face are being found amongst all of the other hundreds of companies out there and building our reputation. Anyone can pop to Currys, buy a camera and then invest in some SEO which places them high on the list and call themselves a film company. We know with our artistry and some momentum, we will be on a very smooth road to success and are hopeful our new site will help us to achieve that sooner rather than later.

How Wix helps our business

Wix is helping us greatly with the look of our website. Finally we have something to be proud of to send to prospective clients. The responses so far have been awesome. Old clients are excited to be included on our site and have been eager to reforge links. Plus it has given us the opportunity to showcase our more artistic side adjacent to the corporate work in a contemporary and eye catching fashion without the bland scroll and roll approach searching endlessly for the thing the visitor wants.