Loop Rawlins
Wild West Performer

Arizona, USA
"I landed a big sports commercial from a contact through my Wix site."

I perform a one man Wild West Show of trick roping, whip cracking, and gun spinning at events Nationally and occasionally overseas. For fun I like to spend time with my two kids Isabella & Ethan, travel, and perform!

About my website

I found Wix while searching on google. I have been using Wix for over two years and love it! The best thing about using it is that it is so customizable – I can create something that fits my style while still keeping a professional looking website. I have had several clients compliment me on my website. They ask me who built it for me and I reply: me. I even landed a big sports commercial from someone who found me online and saw my Wix site.

My Story

I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. I first saw trick roping when I was 8 years old and was fascinated by it. Soon after I learned some very basic rope tricks and realized that this was a very difficult skill to learn. I remember seeing a trick roper not much older then me doing an advanced rope trick and I thought to myself, I would never be able to do that.

I joined a ‘Will Rogers Trick Roping Group’ when I was 13. We had a professional trick roper named Forrest Hobbs come out and teach us every so often. Forrest really inspired me and we became great friends. After countless hours of work everyday practicing I landed a job at fourteen performing at a western theme park called Trail dust Town. This is where I got experience in front of a live audience and also took up the Western Arts of Trick Roping & Gun Spinning.


In 2002 I competed in Las Vegas at the Wild West Arts Convention and won five international Awards. It was then that I knew being a western performer was my destiny. My dad is a Professor of electrical engineering and my mom is a Medical Doctor so when I told them that I was going to be a western performer for a living they were more than thrilled.

All my hard work payed off and I started performing at rodeos, resorts, festivals, and special events around the US. In 2009 Cirque Du Soleil got a hold of me and I became the first western performer to be cast in a Cirque Du Soleil Show. After an incredible three-year run with Cirque Du Soleil I am back performing Wild West Shows. My mission is to keep the western arts alive for many generations to come.

There are definitely times when you doubt yourself and people doubt you. I remember when a family friend told me to quit performing and get a real job. They said that I would never make it on stage, tv, or films because it was too competitive. All they did was motivate me to prove them wrong. And I did. I recently starred in an Award Winning Western film, appeared on a TV show in the UK, did a commercial for McDonalds, appeared in an MTV show, and performed in a TVC for ABC.


The main thing that kept me going is my love for the western arts. Practicing is my zen. If I am feeling down, I just practice some trick roping and it comforts me.