Julie Morris
Jewelry Designer & Silversmith | Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
"It couldn't be easier to create a beautiful site that looks exactly the way I want it to."

I’m a jewelry designer and silversmith and owner of Buffalo Lucy. Working with silver and stone is what I love to do, what makes me feel alive.As as sole human behind my online businessĀ I also find myself wearing the hats of an accountant, product photographer, copywriter, marketer, public relations coordinator, and now web designer!

About my website

When I decided it was time to make a more professional looking website for my brand a couple of years ago (up until then I’d only had a blog), I began researching options for a do-it-myself website that was both easy and professional-looking. I may be called a control freak, but I wanted to do this myself! I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon Wix and saw how gorgeous the templates and sites created by other Wix members were.

I love that I have full control over my own website. I can easily make changes whenever I want to without having to contact someone else and wait for them to do it for me. And it couldn’t be easier to create a beautiful site that looks exactly the way I want it to. I didn’t have to study HTML or have any special software or training. I came to the table with an idea in my head of how I wanted my site to look and the Wix editor made it a breeze to make my vision a reality.

JulieMorris Jewelry

How Wix helped my business

My online presence includes my website a blog, an Etsy shop, and a Facebook page. Wix has enabled me to create a beautiful, professional looking website that links all of these entities in one place. Now I’m confident that all I have to include on any of my promotional materials is my web address and my customers and potential customers will land in an online space that I feel proud of. It’s easy for them, then, to navigate to my blog, my etsy shop, or my facebook page. Thank you Wix, for making it all so very easy!