Adam Malin
Graphic Designer

Knoxville, TN
"My customers love the image gallery feature - it looks great and really lets my work sell itself."

My name is Adam Malin, I am a graphic designer in Knoxville, TN and I restore old photographs. The idea of repairing a memory and restoring a moment in time that would have been eventually lost otherwise is a very satisfying feeling.

About my website

I am very excited about Wix and the way they empower their customers with creativity! I would say that the most challenging aspect of starting and managing a new online business is getting your name out there and projecting a strong image that people will trust with their business. Without a website and the ability to show our work to others it would be very difficult and our success would be much more limited.

The Wix editor makes building and publishing a fully customizable and unique business website very easy and intuitive. The ability to adapt the pre-made templates and the Webmaster login feature just makes it that much better!

How Wix helped my business

My family has boxes and boxes of old family photos, so one day I just started scanning them into my computer and used an old version of Photoshop to start improving them one by one. Eventually I got pretty good at it and that led to logo design and print layout design and the business just expanded from there.

I have known about Wix for a few years. Having watched the service grow and improve, I decided to jump in and expand my business with their products and services – it was a great choice. My customers have told me many times how great our website looks and they love the image gallery features. They look great and really let my work sell itself. We are currently promoting Shoebox Photo Restoration with print material to create a local client base as well as online ads with Google AdWords. Having a website that people can go back to is an extremely useful tool for us.

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of any business, but creating a powerful brand, that projects the quality of your work is what attracts clients in the first place. This is exactly where our website has been instrumental.



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