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Showing: New Features

  • Wix Stores: Discount by Dollar

    Set discounts by % or by US$ value in your online store. 

  • Wix Stores: Revised Shipping Tab

    The improved shipping tab in the Wix Stores store manager gives you a more intuitive flow, new abilities such as setting shipping per price and an upfront handling fee, and the ability to include the tax in the price.

  • Wix Mobile App for Android

    The Wix Mobile App is now available in the Play Store (Android app market). Use it to manage your online store, write and publish blog posts and manage hotel reservations - all on the go. 

  • Wix App for iOS

    The new Wix App for mobile is now available in the App Store for iOS. The Wix app gives you everything you need to stay connected to your Wix website and visitors, manage your online store, write and publish your blog posts, and manage your hotel reservations - all on the go. 

  • Create Your Music Website with Wix ADI

    Get a website created for your music business with Wix ADI. Complete with text, images, Wix music player App and Bandsintown (tour dates widget) App.

  • Photography in Wix ADI

    Get a photography website created for you with Wix ADI, with text, images and Apps such as the Wix Pro Gallery. 

  • Blog Now Available in Wix ADI

    Get a blog created for you with Wix ADI. It comes complete with text, images and video for your specific blog type. 

  • New: Wix Engage App

    Stay in touch with everything your visitors are doing. Wix Engage will send you real-time notifications for everything that happens on your online store, booking system, hotel and whenever visitors use your contact form. 

  • The New Wix Pro Gallery

    Showcase your photography in the highest quality online with the new Wix Pro Gallery. Read More

  • Wix Editor: Box & Full Width Slideshows

    Slideshows let you add text, images & more to slides on your website. Use a full width or box slideshow to showcase your news, events, promotions and testimonials. Read More