What is the Wix Lounge?

The Wix Lounge is a completely free, work and event space for creative professionals in NYC. Freelance and entrepreneurial creatives tend to be on the go frequently, passing from one café to the next, putting together presentations, meeting clients and constantly searching for inspiration to fuel their visual reserves. We wanted to create a one stop shop that would empower the creative, and this is what we came up with.

How is it free?

Wix.com, the leading, Flash based, and easy to use online website publishing platform, is based on a freemium membership which offers basic website building tools, and also offers a premium membership for those users that wish to upgrade their websites features. Wix.com is backing the Wix Lounge project in order to meet some of its users and have real conversations about their user experience, while building a strong network of local creatives. Wix is always growing and changing, and with the help of feedback and a strong community, the Wix team can continue to improve upon the user product experience.

How does it work?

Open coworking- If you are a freelancer, or in a startup and you need a place to bring your laptop, plug in and get going, the Wix Lounge is the place for you. You can just walk in, and start working. The Lounge is operated on a first come first serve basis. Open coworking is open Monday through Friday 10am to 8pm, depending on event schedules.

You can view our event schedules on our calendar page.

Meetings & Reservations- If you want to meet someone in our centrally located Lounge, and you need a guaranteed spot, you can email Victoria@wix.com to reserve a space for up to 2 hours, up to 1 week in advance. Note: Please manage your incoming meetings.

Photography Shooting in the Lounge- You can reserve a small area of the lounge to produce your own photo shoot, free of charge. This kind of reservation requires that you provide all of your own equipment. (Adorama is located on the same block.) A max of 10 people is allowed during the shooting time, including models and crew. Email Victoria@wix.com to reserve your shooting space today, up to 1 month in advance. Note: Hair & Makeup is limited in our environment.

Planning an Event at the Lounge- If you are interested in hosting an event at the Lounge, please submit a 1 page proposal to Victoria@wix.com describing the nature of the event, the demographic or industry network you are catering to, for how many people it will be, and if there will be any media anticipation for the event. We require 4-6 weeks in advance to plan an event at the Lounge. Note: Not all event proposals are honored. Those that are, reflect a strong relevance to Wix.com, our brand or guarantee relevant media exposure.

What is

the Wix Lounge?

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10 West 18th Street | 2nd Floor | New York, NY 10011

Tel: (646) 862-0833 | Email: Lounge@Wix.com | M-F 10am - 8pm* *depending on event schedules.


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