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10 Sports Website Templates for Making A Champion Site

10 Sporty Website Templates to Make You Look Good in 2016

January 15th 2016 | Designing with Wix
We're going for the championship
10 Extraordinary Web Templates for a High Impact Website

10 Stunning Website Templates to Help You Look Your Best Online

October 23rd 2015 | Designing with Wix
We have a new winning team, folks!
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Hot Off the Press: 20 Brand New Wix Templates

February 20th 2015 | Designing with Wix
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Introducing 20 New Beautiful Wix Templates!

Introducing 20 New Beautiful Wix Templates!

August 15th 2014 | Designing with Wix
Hot off the presses! New templates!
15 Amazing Websites Based on a Single Wix Template

Own It! 15 Amazing Sites Created from One Great Template

August 1st 2014 | Design Inspiration
One template - endless possibilities. Check out these gorgeous designs by Wix users
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From Wix with Love: 25 Amazing Free New Templates!

May 13th 2014 | Designing with Wix
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Showcase of 20 Wix Websites Based on a Single Food Template

Own It! 20 Spectacular Wix Websites Based on a Single Template

April 4th 2014 | Design Inspiration
Our template - your designs!
Showcase: Beautiful Websites for Actors, Models and Entertainers

Top Wix Websites Designed by Actors, Models and Performers

March 21st 2014 | Designing with Wix
Yet another reason to be jealous of talented people
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19 Brand New Templates For Your Website Success

February 25th 2014 | Designing with Wix
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Coming Soon Websites – Showcase

15 “Coming Soon” Websites that Keep Visitors Hungry for More

February 21st 2014 | Designing with Wix
If you build it, they will come back