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Konnichiwa: Beautiful Japanese Websites

Konnichiwa! Beautiful Wix Websites from Japan

April 11th 2014 | Design Inspiration
Feast your eyes on these stunning Japanese websites
Showcase: Incerdible Use of icons in Web Design

Showcase: 10 Websites That Use Icons Just Right

March 14th 2014 | Design Inspiration
Because real spark is in the little things
Ready, Steady? Go! 16 Sport Websites

16 Sports Websites That Deserve Gold Medals

February 1st 2014 | Design Inspiration
We've found some sport websites that deserve the spotlight.
15 Beautiful Health and Wellness Websites

15 Inspiring Health and Wellness Websites for a Wholesome Weekend

January 24th 2014 | Designing with Wix
Healthy minds, healthy bodies, beautiful websites
15 Beautiful Wix Websites with Retro Look and Feel

15 Beautiful Wix Websites with Extreme Retro Chic

January 17th 2014 | Design Inspiration
Wix users displaying the timeless art of vintage
15 Inspiring Painters and Illustrators Websites

15 Magnificent Artists and Illustrators Websites

January 10th 2014 | Design Inspiration
An unbeatable combo of awesome web design and creative art works
17 Beautiful Home and Garden Websites

17 Impressive Home and Garden Websites

December 21st 2013 | Design Inspiration
Because we all deserve a beautiful habitat
Showcase of 20 Wix Websites Based on a Single Music Template

Showcase of 20 Wix Websites Based on a Single Music Template

December 9th 2013 | Designing with Wix
“My Band Website” has been designed with the specific needs of music sites in mind.
Own It! Our Templates, Your Design

Own It! Our Templates, Your Design – Round #19

November 12th 2013 | Design Inspiration
How Wix users are creatively transforming website templates into unique and gorgeous websites
Wix Mobile Sites

17 Gorgeous Wix Websites that Went Mobile

October 25th 2013 | Designing with Wix
Check out these sleek and beautiful mobile sites and get yours today