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Bear In water Nonhoi Park (Aichi-Japan)

Plain Beautiful: Exquisite Animal Photography

December 28th 2011 | Now Trending
When nature's beautiful inhabitants meet the skillful hand of a professional photographer
Photography Showcase: The Beauty of the North Pole

The Land of Santa: Beauty of the North Pole

December 25th 2011 | Now Trending
Gorgeous photographs from the most northern point on the face of the earth. If you ever wondered how Santa's...

Feel Like Eating a Rainbow?

December 19th 2011 | Now Trending
Food makes us happy, rainbows make us happy, and rainbow-colored food makes us ecstatic!

Top Gadgets To Keep You Hot This Winter

November 9th 2011 | Now Trending
From blankets with sleeves to terrorist tea pots, these awesome gadgets will help you keep warm this winter

“Little Darlings”: Amazing Baby Animals Close-ups

November 3rd 2011 | Wix Photography
Sharon Montrose's "Little Darlings" is a series of original close-ups of baby animals. Aww-effect seekers, this is your big...

Showcase: 10 Most Inspiring Wix Art Sites

October 11th 2011 | Designing with Wix
See the best Wix art sites recently spotted on the web and get your daily fill of web design...

Hallo en Welkom! Amsterdam in 12 Photos

September 27th 2011 | Wix Photography
A captivating photographic record of the most visited capital in Europe: Amsterdam in 12 photos

Weirdest Photo-Posing Trends on the Web

September 20th 2011 | Now Trending
From Teapotting to Stocking, this is the Wix Blog's rundown of the weirdest photo-posing trends on the web ...

Showcase of Inspirational Wix Music Sites

September 19th 2011 | Designing with Wix
Remember the thrill of discovering new music for the first time? Check out this showcase of inspirational Wix music...

Showcase of 10 Creative Wix Sites

August 31st 2011 | Designing with Wix
Stretch your creative muscles with this showcase of 10 creative Wix sites