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Spring Cleaning: 10 Steps to Refresh Your SEO

April 26th 2011 | Google & SEO
Spring's here, and it's a great opportunity for a quick SEO refresh for your website. Take a break from...
5 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Architecture

5 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Architecture

April 5th 2011 | Google & SEO
When someone gets inside your site, can they easily find what they want? Make it as easy as possible...

How to Get Links to Your Wix Website

January 6th 2011 | Google & SEO
Gaining links to your website is a challenging task. No nicer way to put it. This also happens to...
Wix SEO Clinic: Studio48

Introducing the Wix SEO Clinic

July 26th 2010 | Google & SEO
Welcome to the Wix SEO Clinic. We take real users’ Flash websites made with Wix and improve their search-ability...
Getting Google to notice your website

Getting Google to Notice Your Website. Again. And again.

July 12th 2010 | Google & SEO
If you are anxiously waiting for Google to take a look at your website, this post is for you....

Submit Your Site to DMoz

May 31st 2010 | Google & SEO
With a good backlink to your site from an important directory, your site is considered to be more important...

Link Building Strategies

April 18th 2010 | Google & SEO
Backlinks (also known as incoming links, inbound links and inward links) are links that point at your website, on...
Getting Better Rankings in Local Google Listings

Getting Better Rankings in Local Google Listings

March 4th 2010 | Google & SEO
Over the past few weeks several people have asked questions to find out how they can improve their listings...
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Promoting Your Flash Website Using Social Networks

February 4th 2010 | Google & SEO
Different links have different ratings and different levels of importance, depending on the source page’s “PageRank”. You may also...

The Benefits of Creating Flat Architecture

January 6th 2010 | Google & SEO
Your website architecture is important both in terms of its target audience usability and also when taking search engines...