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Murals and Websites Help New York’s Little Italy Reclaim its Flavor

Wix.com and Friends Occupy Little Italy with Street Art

October 16th 2013 | Design Inspiration
Wix.com's Little Italy Street Art (L.I.S.A.) Project revives interest in the neighborhood through a series of subversive murals.
5 Amazing Illustrators You Need to Check Out

5 Amazing Illustrators You Need to Check Out

October 7th 2013 | Now Trending
Some of our favorite illustrator websites.
The Wix Colorbook

The Wix Coloring Book – Unleash Your Inner Artist

July 8th 2013 | Design Inspiration
Work can wait. It's Crayons time!
Inspirational Stories About Career Change by Wix Users

Life Changer: Inspirational Stories by Wix Users

July 3rd 2013 | Design Inspiration
Explore life changing stories by bold Wix users
Best Billboard ads ever

Best Billboard Ads Ever

June 12th 2013 | Now Trending
Advertising - you're doing it right!

Amazing Geek Weddings

May 15th 2013 | Now Trending
When geeks wed, they do it with style
Wix Websites with Unique Navigation

Marvellous Menus: Wix Websites with Creative Navigation

May 7th 2013 | Designing with Wix
Beautiful sites that keep navigation interesting
5 Photographers You Should Know

5 Brilliant Photographers You Need to Know

April 10th 2013 | Photography
Wix shows respect to 5 users that truly know their way around a lens

11 Examples of Great Typography in Web Design

April 4th 2013 | Design Inspiration
Typography lovers, this one is for you!

Amazing Online Portfolio Examples Created with Wix

March 19th 2013 | Design Inspiration
15 prime examples for your web design inspiration