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Editor’s Picks: Best Free Online Tools #3

January 23rd 2012 | Google & SEO
Want to understand your website's stats better? Meet three great online tools that help you monitor and analyze your...
Google+ by the Wix Blog

What Google+ Can Do for You

July 11th 2011 | Google & SEO
Since its release about 2 weeks ago, Google+ is invite only. Splendid! We love exclusivity. And so do thousands...

Spring Cleaning: 10 Steps to Refresh Your SEO

April 26th 2011 | Google & SEO
Spring's here, and it's a great opportunity for a quick SEO refresh for your website. Take a break from...
5 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Architecture

5 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Architecture

April 5th 2011 | Google & SEO
When someone gets inside your site, can they easily find what they want? Make it as easy as possible...
Man Accused of Scamming Google, Inspires Law & Order Writers

Man Accused of SEO Scam, Inspires Law & Order Writers

March 22nd 2011 | Google & SEO
SEO is making its way to prime-time TV. On a recent episode of Law & Order, a man was...

Great Bedfellows: Social Media and SEO

March 1st 2011 | Google & SEO
Social media may be coming to a search engine result near you. See how the relationship between social media...

Learn SEO by Song: The SEO Rapper

February 21st 2011 | Google & SEO
Here’s a cool, new way to learn SEO: listen to some of the tracks by the “SEO Rapper”. It’s...
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3 Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO

January 13th 2011 | Google & SEO
From researching keywords to getting listed in directories to adding quality, SEO-friendly content….It can be a drag. If you...

How to Get Links to Your Wix Website

January 6th 2011 | Google & SEO
Gaining links to your website is a challenging task. No nicer way to put it. This also happens to...
Wix SEO guide

The 10 Commandments of SEO – Part I

December 1st 2010 | Google & SEO
To guide you along your path toward excellent search results, here are Wix' Ten Commandments of Search Engine Optimization...