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Workshop Recount - Perfecting Customer Relations

Workshop Recount – Perfecting Customer Relations

October 28th 2013 | Promote Your Site
Experts explain how to create long-lasting customer relationships for maximum profits.
Community Discussion - Marketing for Services vs. Products

Marketing a Service Vs. Marketing a Product – Which is Tougher?

October 17th 2013 | Now Trending
Wix's Facebook fans share insights on brand marketing challenges

How to Sell Your Self-Made Jewelry Online

October 3rd 2013 | Small Business Tips
Getting started with an online jewelry store may be easier than you think.
Ecommerce Sites Doing Killer Business on Wix

Secrets of Successful eCommerce Websites

September 19th 2013 | Design Inspiration
Find out what makes five successful eCommerce websites so great
10 Quick Tips to Increase Online Sales

10 Quick Tips to Increase Online Sales

June 13th 2013 | Small Business Tips
Follow these simple steps to get more action on your online shop
Latest & Greatest eCommerce Features for Your Online Shop

Building an eCommerce Website? Check Out the Newest Features

June 6th 2013 | New Features
The latest and the greatest on our eCommerce platform
Own it! Our Template, Your Design Round #13

Own it! Our Template, Your Design – Round #13

January 22nd 2013 | Designing with Wix
One eCommerce template - 11 beautiful and unique websites. See how Wix users are making a difference
Online Stores

13 Beautiful Online Stores Created With Wix

January 17th 2013 | Designing with Wix
The perfect online store should look absolutely stunning and provide customers with a comfortable shopping experience. These stores are...

Add the Shopify App to your Website & Supercharge your Sales!

January 2nd 2013 | HTML5
Power up your online sales with the new Shopify App for Wix websites

Turn your Website into an Online Store with the Shopify App!

November 19th 2012 | HTML5
Meet the new mean addition to Wix' App Market: Shopify - the leading eCommerce solution worldwide