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The Fabulous Art of Martin Roller

The Fabulous Art of Martin Roller

October 13th 2016 | Design Inspiration
Craving some fun art? Martin Roller’s work will make you go bananas!
How To Make It As An Artist Without Starving (Tips From Wix Users)

How To Make It As An Artist Without Starving

February 12th 2014 | Small Business Tips
Artists(and Wix site owners) share tips on how to succeed in the art world
15 Inspiring Painters and Illustrators Websites

15 Magnificent Artists and Illustrators Websites

January 10th 2014 | Design Inspiration
An unbeatable combo of awesome web design and creative art works
Look Up! 20 Breathtaking Instagram Photos of Architecture

Look Up! 20 Extraordinary Architecture Photos

November 29th 2013 | Wix Photography
Do you recognize any of these architectural wonders?
Awesome Tattoos

19 Awesome Tattoo Pics for Your Ink Pleasure

September 27th 2013 | Now Trending
Love you some skin art? Check out these amazing tattoo photos from Instagram
Kyla Dance performing at Tomo Mori exhibition

Creativity at Work – the Wix Lounge Becomes a Gallery

September 25th 2013 | Wix News
Art meets tech meets cowroking at the Wix Lounge hub of inspiration
Best Street Art Captured on Instagram

Amazing Street Art Collection from Instagram

August 23rd 2013 | Wix Photography
Let's reclaim the streets!
The Wix Colorbook

The Wix Coloring Book – Unleash Your Inner Artist

July 8th 2013 | Design Inspiration
Work can wait. It's Crayons time!
Wix Lounge NY Moves to a Big Apple Penthouse!

Wix Lounge NY Moves to a Big Apple Penthouse!

June 20th 2013 | Wix News
The Lounge got a sizzling hot new location. Stop by for a visit!
Art on Instagram

Amazing Art Photos from Instagram

May 31st 2013 | Wix Photography
Instagram is more than just food porn