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Talya Fuksman, Team Leader, English Community
Israeli born and bred, Talya spent her formative years in Ramat-Gan, a small city that was established in 1921 as a communal farming settlement. Luckily, literacy was the vogue in the 70’s and Talya learned to read at a pretty early age. Today, reading and writing is the pivot around which she perceives and constructs reality for millions of Wix users from around the world. As strategic manager of Wix’ English social media channels, and blog, she dedicates her time to keeping Wix users informed, entertained and inspired, but most importantly, empowered. Her life enterprise, as she puts it, is “to teach and to delight users through the transformative power of words”. 


Sheer Ganor, Blogger & Community Manager
Born in California, raised in Israel, followed by a few years of exile in Berlin and then back to Cali again. After years of modern slavery in the journalism industry, Sheer discovered that online content is a lot more fun. Luckily, the Wix Blog & Community team was just looking for a vegan to balance the other team members. Though surrounded by web designers and web design info, none of the talent has rubbed off on her (you do not want to see her Wix creations). Sheer enjoys warm summer evenings and Googling. She can recite “The Big Lebowski” by heart, even after a couple of White Russians.

Ofra- Wix Blog

Ofra Lior, Art Director- Community Team
Rumors say Ofra was born and raised in Tel-Aviv by a loving and supportive family. After completing her BA in Arts and Sociology she took everything she learned at University and put it to good use holding various bartending jobs around Tel-Aviv. She obviously knew who to serve the crazy bottle to, cause she quickly landed a job as the nightlife reporter at a big Israeli newspaper. The combination of alcohol and sleep deprivation led her to believe she could be a good graphic designer. Surprisingly enough she was right… Ofra started working for a leading advertising agency, designing ads and improving her “Mad Men” wardrobe. When she finally had enough of the advertising world she found shelter at Wix, as the Art Director of the company’s community channels.

Yang- Wix Blog

Yang Tal, Blogger & Community Manager
Spending her teenage years between New York and Tel Aviv, Yang loves big, busy cities and often has trouble walking on any surface that isn’t cement.  In the past 8 years she’s worked in various Internet companies and startups, doing various jobs that range from SEO & blogging, to UX and project managing later on. She enjoys sunsets on the beach (Wix offices are great for that!) and is still convinced that one future day she’ll share insights with Master Yoda. At Wix, she is a Community Manager and Blogger in the English team.

Caro- Wix Blog

Carolina Solari, Languages Team Leader
Born in a rain forest in Latin America but soon realizing she preferred plastic to natural wood, Carolina relocated to Miami. There, she embarked on an international sales career, luring tourists to buy dysfunctional goods from her. Once she saved enough money, she achieved a degree in Film Directing and worked as a freelance screenwriter. Adapting historical narratives into scripts is her specialty and lifelong passion. She considers the web to be an exquisite source of income while completing her script about the rise and fall of Manatee Warriors in the Amazon River (bound to be a blockbuster hit). Currently, she’s Wix’s Languages Community Team Leader.

Andre- Wix Blog

André Guelmann, Community Manager
Portuguese Language
Born in Mordor, raised in Curitiba/Brazil and currently living in Tel Aviv, Andre was still very young when he fell in love with the wonderful world of Forensic Sciences. After working in the science & legal fields, he decided to “voluntarily” leave Brazil – for reasons still unknown – or otherwise labeled “coming to rest in Israel”. Among other remarkable skills, André is the best sunset photographer mobile phone technology ever saw, and a Photoshop know-it-all. A distinguished gentleman by day and a fierce writer by night, André is Wix’s Portuguese Community Manager.

Manu- Wix Blog

Emmanuel Cohen, Community Manager
French Language
Native of the highlands of Pavillons Sous Bois (a mysterious city in France, momentarily glimpsed at by a few on Google Maps) Emmanuel, aka Manu, left the family farm to study Economics and Communications. While doing his MA in Social Marketing, Manu earned his bread working in Sales and managed a web radio show on cinema. Fascinated by the web and its contents since he discovered that Atari is not the only smart electronic device, he’s currently devoting his studies to interpret the mysteries of online discourse. Today, he’s the manager of the Wix French community.

Arie- Wix Blog Arie Elbelman, Community Manager
Spanish Language
Arie was born in a big town located between the Andes Mountains and the mansion of ‘The Bachelorette’. He was never picked for the soccer team but always chosen to be the speaker in presentations. He holds a B.A in Advertising and Strategic Communication and a Diploma in Marketing for Social Networks & New Media. He also owns the recipe to make the best empanadas ever. Mixing the world of communication and marketing with the fields of volunteering and nonprofit, this Latin American gentleman, understands the world as a place we MUST improve with love, ideals, and salsa dancing. He works as the Spanish Community Manager of Wix.com.
Julia- Wix Blog

Julia Flerov, Community Manager
Russian Language
Even though she was born and raised in the snowy Moscow, Julia starts to shiver when the air conditioner in the office goes below +23C. But don’t worry about her, she will instantly warm up by typing energetically on the keyboard, sharing hot stuff on social networks, and of course – having a cup of tea.
Having completed her ВSC in Biomedical science, Julia embarked on the real search for the secrets of life, which included hitchhiking in Australia, soaring the Himalaya, and dragon-taming in China, until she landed safely in a creative copywriting school back home. 14,876 facebook statuses later, she is here to bring the latest news on everything web-related to millions of Russian speaking Wix users

Keiko- English Blog

Keiko Berman, Community Manager
Japanese Language
Born and raised in a snowy mountain town in northern Japan. In search of adventure, Keiko moved to California to pursue post-grad education, and to explore more of what the world had to offer.  She discovered the beautiful California coastline, drove a car for the first time and slowly got used to interesting food combinations like salmon, cream cheese, mango and tuna, which Westerners consider to be sushi.  Being away from home rekindled Keiko’s passion for Japan’s Wabi-sabi aesthetic, leading her to pursue a career in marketing and help promote many Japanese businesses in the US.  Keiko is currently an online Community Manager at Wix.com, expressing her love for Wix online, as well as offline by showing off her Wix site to everyone.