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Revealing Wix’s Very Own SEO Hero

Have you heard about the Wix SEO Hero challenge? Earlier this winter, Wix sent out a call for SEO enthusiasts everywhere to compete in the biggest search engine competition to ever hit the Internet! The challenge was simple: we’d build a brand new Wix website optimized for the search term “SEO Hero,” and you were invited to do the same. If your brand new website (built on any platform) ranked highest on Google for the search term “SEO Hero” in four months time, you’d wins $50,000! *see terms and conditions here. Sounds like fun, right?

Since we launched this contest back in late November, people have been bombarding the Wix team with questions about this contest.  Most notably, they wanted to know why on earth Wix would bother running an SEO contest and why we would put our reputation on the line and open it up to any platform on the web.

The answer is quite simple: Wix has the best SEO for your website- and we’re confident about that! Wix has everything you need to not only create a stunning website, but we also provide you with the tools to manage, promote and of course optimize your website all in one place. Sure, SEO can be challenging, but with great content and a little optimization magic, we’ve seen countless of Wix users top the ranks for keywords in their search terms. But as the old saying goes, haters gonna hate – so we decided to take matters into our own hands and put our money where our mouth is (literally). And now, without further ado, we’d like to reveal our very own submission!

Introducing the SEO Hero School, our submission for the SEO Hero challenge!

SEO professionals can be a misunderstood bunch (or at least, that’s what our in-house team would have us believe). Undervalued for their influence in the online world, some people call this group “the unsung heroes of the world wide web.” With that motto as our starting point, our own Wix SEO team created a website to solute heroes everywhere the only way they know how… by turning them into a group of crime fighting superheroes!

The SEO Hero School is inspired by another group of x-traordinary superheroes that had to learn to adapt their abilities for the sake of a greater good.

Meet Professor F

Professor F is an homage to our own personal SEO Hero, Rand Fishkin. Rand is the closest thing to a celebrity that the SEO world has; he’s the mastermind behind a website called Moz . From its humble beginnings as an SEO consulting company, to the go-to place for learning anything about SEO, Moz has simplified the process of search engine optomization for web marketers everywhere (including us!).

Rand has been an SEO guru for many of us here at Wix (even if he didn’t know it), so he felt like a natural choice to be appointed our own SEO hero. We eagerly reached out to Rand, and thankfully, he agreed to accept the title. *cue sigh of relief*

Meet Professor F

Take a Tour of Fishkin’s School for Gifted Optimizers

Of course Professor F is not the only X-pert at the SEO Hero School. Fishkin’s School for Gifted Optimizers boasts a robust team of SEO hero staffers, like Quickloader, a hero who possesses supersonic site-loading abilities. But wait –  what good are a group of heroes without the important task of warding off SEO Villains? While on the site, beware of dangerous criminals like Tagmeto and Spamtinels who have been known to conduct shady practices like duplicating content, keywords stuffing, masking content and wreaking havoc in Google search results.

The SEO Hero School website features what we could only imagine to be our dream course list. While you’re on the site, you’ll also want to check out the SEO Hero blog, where our protagonists lay out their innermost secrets about life with super search engine capabilities.

Of course, no school would be complete without some fine learning. The secret behind the SEO Hero school is that it’s powered by Wix’s own SEO-obsessed team. Not only are they proficient at SEO puns, (making this website so much fun to browse), they’re also kind enough to share their extensive search engine expertise with the world. Our own team of superheroes have taken time off from achieving organic market leadership for websites in over 16 different languages to inspire a new generation of search engine optimizers. Read these helpful blog posts to soak up their knowledge.

Think you have what it takes to be an SEO Hero? Take a spin around the SEO Hero School!

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