Amazing Portfolio Websites Created With Wix

June 23rd 2016 | Design Inspiration

Showing off your talent, experience and skills is an ongoing process for any creative professional. Whether you are a photographer, illustrator, author, interior designer, copywriter, or stylist – having an portfolio website that grabs people’s attention and emphasizes your creative strengths has become a necessity.

Your online portfolio is the platform where you can showcase your best works, highlight all of your achievements and establish yourself as an expert in your field. But it isn’t just a gallery of your previous works, it also functions as a business card. If you want people who visit your portfolio to further engage with you, don’t forget to add a friendly ‘About’ section, an inviting Contact page, and even start an interesting blog – just make sure you update it regularly.

To get an idea of what we’re talking about, here are 15 prime online portfolio examples, all created with the Wix website builder. They vary in their style and atmosphere, but they all perform their duty successfully – presenting their work in a captivating and inviting way.

If you need to create an online portfolio and you’re searching for inspiration – look no further.


liam rinat_site copy


Chase O Donnell

Cloudscape Architecture copy

daniel liss


harold james copy

Hernan Parra copy

marcie nipper

Galerie Sand Gold copy

Mark Weisz Design PORTFOLIO copy

Martin Roller Food Art copy

kaRinITI Handmade Industrial Designer copy

Ready to create your own masterpiece on the web? Create an online portfolio with Wix!


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