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How To Create a Wedding Website that Wows Your Guests

Your wedding’s more than just a special day –  it’s a celebration of the love you’ve blossomed so far, and a commitment to the exciting years ahead. When you’ve got a good thing going, (like the love you share) you want to share the feeling with the people who matter to you most. That’s where your wedding website comes in.

Wedding websites have become standard practice for brides & grooms to be; but more than just a techie trend, it’s a fun and practical tool that you’ll be thankful to have in your wedding kit. From your gift registry to directions to your venue – your wedding website can be the online hub for everything your guests need to know to prep for your big day. And oh yeah, did we happen to mention you can create a wedding website for free?

Not sure where to start? We listed all the must-haves you’ll want to include to create the perfect wedding website:

Venue Information:

There’s nothing – [and we mean nothing!] – worse than someone calling to ask for the directions to your venue on the day of your wedding. Put your venue information front and center and consider adding a map with driving directions on your website.

Don’t forget to make your website mobile friendly to help your wedding guests find your venue while they’re on the road.

Send Electronic Invites:

Bulky wedding invites and self-addressed stamped RSVPs are so 2014. Over the years, electronic wedding invitations have become more and more popular, and for good reason too. E-vites cut down on paper waste, they don’t get lost in the mail, and they save you a pretty penny on an already expensive day.

Easily send a beautiful electronic wedding invitation with Wix ShoutOut. With pre-set wedding-styled invitation templates – complete with in-email RSVPs, sending and accepting your invitation has never been easier. Bonus, include the same RSVP link on your wedding website to make sure all your bases are covered.

Free Online Wedding Invitations

The Story of You & I:

Your wedding’s more than just a day, it’s a major milestone in the story of you as a couple. Remind your guests why they’re celebrating in the first place by adding the story of how you met right on your site.

Fun Ideas to Get You Started:

For the Couple that Can’t Agree on all the Details: Include the story of how you met from each of your perspectives for a fun twist from the traditional!

For the Couple that’s Been Together Forever: Show off your history in a visual timeline that highlights all the moments that lead up to the big day. The Lumifish Timeline app is perfect to create this look on your website.

Gift Registry:

Fact: you’re going to need a lot of new stuff when you’re building a life together. Another fact: stuff that you pick out on your own is usually a lot better than faking that you love that tacky casserole dish your cousin Ricky got you. Help your wedding guests find the perfect gift to get you by adding your gift registry to your wedding website. Many of our wedding website templates already have this page included, so go on and change the logo and link to your registered shops and let your guests do the rest.

Free Online Wedding Registry

Encourage Guests to Leave a Message

Allow your wedding guests to get the love party started early by leaving a comment on your wedding website! A simple hello will do, but you can make things extra interesting by encouraging your family & friends to share a favorite memory of the two of you.

Let Everyone Know: The Countdown is On!

Counting the days ‘til your big day? Help your fam & friends count along with you by adding a fun countdown clock to your wedding website!

Rain On Your Wedding Day?

You can plan most things for your big day, but the weather ain’t one of them. Rain or shine, help you guests dress for whatever mother nature throws your way by putting a weather tracker right on your website.

Wedding Website Templates

Share Photos After The Wedding

Share the best photos from your happiest of days with the people that matter most by uploading your professional wedding photos onto your wedding website.

Pro Tip:

Don’t want just anyone to peek into those moments? Add password protection to your photos page and share the password as a part of your electronic thank you card that you sent with ShoutOut!

Hashtag #ItsYourWedding!

Have a dedicated hashtag for your wedding? Don’t forget to include it in the footer on your wedding website so that guests don’t forget to upload photos appropriately!

Pro Tip: Add a social stream onto your website so that all photos that are uploaded with that hashtag will automatically show up on your website (so long as those profiles are public).

By The Wix Team

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