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Photography \ MAR 5th 2015

8 Free Places to Promote Your Photography Business Online

We know it’s cliche, but when words fail us, a picture can serve as a story in itself. For proof, you needn’t look any further than the outstanding work of a talented photographer. With an arsenal filled with technical expertise, an eye for beautiful design, and no shortage of creativity, a gifted photographer can transform even the most mundane object into a masterpiece. If you’re one of the people lucky enough to turn your love for snapping the perfect shot into a career filled with capturing special moments, you know that once the shutterbug bites you, there’s no looking back.

When it comes to promoting your photography, we’re sure you’re already well versed on the many options available to post your pics online. But with so many websites available to upload your images to, how do you know which platform is worth your time when it comes to promoting your photography business? We’ve jotted down some of the most popular online platforms that are geared towards helping professional photographers turn a passion for pictures into a profit churning business. Here’s how to promote your photography in 8 simple steps:

7 Free Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online

  • Create a Stunning Online Portfolio
    Simply put, an online portfolio is a must-have for any serious photographer. More than a means to pay the bills, photography is a skill and art form that has individual merit for every person behind the lens. The only way that you can ensure that your art is credited to your name is to have a dedicated website devoted to your craft.As a service based business, your website also serves as your storefront to showcase your product. It should beautifully and professionally display examples of your work, advertise your pricing packages and list your contact information so that you can reel in new business. Creating your online profile is easy – get started by picking one of Wix’s customizable templates, made especially for photographers.Wix Templates
    Pro Tip: Want to keep photos on your site for your client’s eyes only? Create individual folders for each of your clients’ pics by creating password protected pages for clients. To password protect a page: From the left side of the Editor, click the Pages icon > next to the relevant page, click the Settings wheel > from the Settings and SEO window, under Page Privacy, check the box next to Protect Page > select Add Password Protection > enter the password > click OK > click Done.Private Page
  • Market with Social Media
    Social networks aren’t just a place to show off cat pics. A professional social media presence is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to promote and profit from their photography page. Start with the basics by creating a dedicated Facebook business page, and work your way up to more photography specific social networks.Instagram, is a great place to start to get your name out. With that said, some professional photographers have mixed feelings about Instagram. True – there’s no shortage of selfie enthusiasts that think they’re the Ansel Adams of the Sierra filter, but there are also a ton of talented photographers, that with the help of clever hashtagging, use this social network to promote their photos to new audiences. Check out this post on Instagram’s most popular hashtags explained for tips on how to use this social network to your promotional advantage.Instagram
    G+Often discounted, this image oriented social network is one that should not be overlooked, especially for photographers. A strategic move to get a leg up on your SEO, this social network has a ton of great communities for photographers to show off their images – and unlike Facebook, this social network does not put size and resolution constraints on your images, so the sharpness of your images stays in tact.Google Plus
    Of course there are no shortage of social networks that you can showcase your shots on. Places like Flikr, Picasa, Photobucket and more are great for uploading your own photos and getting your name out, as well as exploring what other photographers in your industry are up to.

    Pro Tip: Whatever social network you choose, don’t forget to connect your pages to your website for added SEO benefits. Here’s how to connect your social pages to your Wix website.


  • Get On Local Listings
    If your main market  is located within a metropolitan area, then you’ll want to do everything you can to get them knocking on your door! Directories and listing websites like Yellowpages.com, Yelp and Foursquare are go-to places that people often turn to to look for businesses and services right in their area (like say… a wedding photographer) so you’ll want to make sure that your photography biz is clearly listed on those pages. Find out what other sites should be on your local listings radar in this post on 33 free places to promote your site online.Pro Tip: If you’ve got a physical studio, there are a few tips that you can try to shoot your store to the top of Google listings. Get on Google’s good side by using these SEO tricks for local businsess.Yelp
  • Broadcast Your Skills
    As a photographer, you have so much more to offer than just your stunning shots. Many photographers may not realize this, but when it comes to marketing yourself online, your know-how can be just as big of an asset as your wonderful images. Share your photography skills online to build a strong reputation as a photographer who knows their stuff.You can do this in various forms, like setting up a Twitter account and share a quick tip once a day, or do a video blog on YouTube showing visual how-tos. You can even start an online course on Skillshare – for free or for a small fee.Skillshare
  • Engage with Online Communities.
    500PX & PhotographyTalk If you’re not familiar with these online photography communities yet, now is the time to check them out. These offer a great network to share works, engage with pro or amateur photography buffs and exchange ideas. Both of these pages also have lively accounts on social networks, where they showcase photography works shared by users, so if you post good photos you have a chance to get featured.500px
    Wix Stories
    Got a beautiful photography site that you want the world to see? We’d love to show ‘em off! Share your testimonial with Wix and we may just feature your website and your story on our Wix Stories page. Check out the fabulous photographers already featured on their own Wix Stories for some inspiration.


Ready to get your shots in the online spotlight? Create a website for your photography business today.

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