Musician? 10 Alternative Ways to Boost Your Income

July 22nd 2014 | Small Business Tips

Despite dreams of making it big, sometimes you need a to get a little creative in order to make some money from your musical skills. After all, even rock stars need to pay rent!

Here are some fun and creative ways that guitarists and groupies alike can increase their income.

Teach Private Lessons

If you’re a talented musician with a knack for the scales, one of the most profitable way to make an income is to teach your craft to others. As with any entrepreneurial venture, one of the easiest ways to promote your business is by creating a great looking website.
Check out this Music School template for inspiration.

Teach Private Lessons

Sell Sheet Music

Know your instrument inside out? Take advantage of your technical skills by creating unique sheet music. Write out the notes for popular hits or unique compositions and sell them to music teachers and aspiring musicians in your community. As with any business, it’s good practice to create a website to promote your craft. Keep a steady profit by selling your song sheets in your own online store.

Sell Sheet music

Start a Music Blog

Have your finger on the pulse of the latest music trend? Blogging about your favorite music style, band or trend can be a great way to get your name out there and make some dough while you’re at it. Starting your own independent music blog is a great way to establish your audience and build up writing samples that you can later use when applying for your dream job at Rolling Stone.

Create your blog today

Music Blog Template

License Your Music

Some of the biggest names in music today started as background music for your favorite commercial or movie scene. Contributing your music to TV, movies, video games & more can help you rake in quite a bit in royalties. Check out this interview with Mr. Robotic, an up & coming artist who has had his music featured everywhere from Coca-Cola to Victoria Secret ads.

Create a Great Music Video

You don’t need to be on MTV to get coverage for your music video anymore. If you or someone you know is a creative genius behind the camera, you can try your hand at being the next YouTube sensation. Companies like Rumblefish offer YouTube Monetization solutions that help you make money from every view you get.

Create a Great Music Video

Join the Festival Bandwagon

Your band didn’t get selected to play at your town’s biggest music festival? Host your own show and become the fest’s biggest unaffiliated underground stage.

For the last 6 years, Tim McCready has been hosting his own backyard bash to coincide with Toronto’s NXNE. Charging a meager $20 entrance fee, Tim’s BYOB Bash has become one of the most hotly anticipated venues of the fest. Just make sure to take a page from Tim’s book and abide by local laws for a successful party.

Join the Festival Bandwagon

Start Busking

Not just for panhandlers, busking or street performing has been making a big comeback lately, with big names and new favorites alike taking to the streets to showcase their raw talent. You never know who might hear your music when you take it to the streets – earlier this month, New York City buskers Unlocking the Truth signed a 1.8 million dollar deal based off this street performing skills alone.


Sell Your Music Online

Got a cool looking website for your band? Take advantage of some great potential revenue by selling your music online. Promote your tunes and earn some extra coin by adding the sell downloads app to your Wix site.

Perform at Camps & School Dances

Relive some of the best moments of your youth by offering your DJ or band to a local high school, camp weddings or bar mitzvahs. Set yourself apart from the competition by including fun props, costumes and giveaways to raise spirits and amplify your performance. Make sure to include an easy contact form to your website to make scheduling your band a breeze.

Perform at Camps & School Dances

Voice Over Work

Great vocal chops can come in more ways than one. If you’ve got a knack for great diction, you might just be a natural for voice over work on radio, animations or commercials. Check out Melvin Vermeer’s website for inspiration and for a sample of his great work.

Voice Over Work


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