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Wix Updates \ JUL 7th 2014

EU Wix User? Easily Add a Cookie Alert to your Website

There’s been a lot of talk about cookies lately, and we’re not talking about the chocolate chip kind.

In May 2014, The European Union implemented a new legislation that states that all websites that use cookies must ask site visitors for permission to hold on to their information before entering the site.

cookie alert 3

What are cookies?
Cookies are bits of internet code that store relevant information on a website. The information stored generally includes helpful things like your preferred language settings and the ability to save your password information.

cookie alert 2

How does this Impact Your Site?

Wix websites automatically use cookies to give your visitors the best, most personalized user experience. If you run a website in the European Union or if a portion of your traffic comes from the EU, you might want to consider notifying your site visitors about the use of cookies on your site.

To make this process easier on Wix users, we’ve created a free Cookie Alert Pop-up App that can be found in the Wix App Market. This unobtrusive app simply asks first-time visitors to your site for permission to store some of their preferred settings. It will only appear the first time someone enters your site, and covers all pages on your website.

Add the Cookie Alert Pop-up App >>

cookie alert

*Last-minute tip: Once you add the app, a “Use of Cookies” link is added to your site so that visitors can review the policy at any time. We recommend placing the link in the Header or Footer sections of your website.

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