Cute Websites that Make you Go Awww

May 30th 2014 | Web Design

Are you ready for your daily dose of adorable? These 15 websites all serve different purposes, but they all have something in common: major cute-factor. At Wix we believe everyone should be able to create a website for free, and we certainly have no issue with people creating sites that contain adorable doggies.

Quick checklist for “cute” websites:

  • dogs, cats, puppies, kittens or other baby animals
  • babies doing what babies do (being cute)
  • kids doing what kids do (being cute most of the time)
  • dainty and sweet icons and fonts
  • vintage caravans (see below)
  • cool hand-drawn images and graphics

We dare you to look these over and not let out a quiet “aww” at one point. If you’re reading this at a cafe, library, or other public place, be warned – people will probably gather behind you to get a closer peek at the cuteness.

Special attention: our first website is none other than DreamDoggy! They recently won our #ShowOffOnline Challenge and if you click through to see their site in detail, we think you’ll see why. All together now: “awwwwwww!”

Dream Doggy >>

Dream Doggy


Yoga Dogz >>

Yoga Dogz


Rhythm In Me >>

Rhythm In Me


Recetas de Alquimia >> 

Recetas de Alquimia


Lottie the Vintage Caravan >>

Lottie the Vintage Caravan


Ah Yo >>

Ah Yo


Kisi Karunia >>

Kisi Karunia


Podule Emporium >>

Podule Emporium


Casa Ilustrada >>

Casa Ilustrada


99 Bus >>

99 Bus


Krooom >>



Tartarte >>



Christine Esoldopet Photography >>

Christine Esoldopet Photography


Everett Abrams >>

Everett Abrams


Little Lisa Smile >>

Little Lisa Smile


Inspired to make your very own cute website? Check out our amazing (and free) website templates>>


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