10 Unique Services and Business ideas of Wix users

May 16th 2014 | Small Business Tips

Creating a business can be one of the most exciting and challenging endeavors that anyone can take on. With a market populated with new ideas daily, we can’t help but be inspired by the creative business ideas that our Wix users take on. Check out the latest batch of Wix sites with unique business ideas that have us wowed!

Illustration Station >>

Stuart Young is a graphic illustrator that has found an innovative way to mix business with his pleasure. Calling himself a Graphic Recorder, Stuart’s unique business transforms even the most abstract concepts into easy to understand comic-book style graphic narratives. Great news for the visual learners among us!

unique services and business ideas

The Dog Matchmaker >>

For those of us looking for love in all the wrong (web)spaces, Sarah provides a matchmaking service that we can all agree on. Her pet adoption service takes a page from traditional matchmaking services by including a short yet intuitive questionnaire that matches your personality traits with the perfect cat or dog to accompany your lifestyle.

unique services and business ideas2

Busker Fly Productions >>

“In a world obsessed with talking pictures comes a new silent comedy”. The newest thing in old-time cinema, Buskerfly Production is reviving the classic art of silent films with their beautifully produced movies.  

unique services and business ideas3


Histori Fly >>

Will your story go down in history? History enthusiast Scott M. Kozelnik’s “e-museum” business offers website design and digital preservation solutions for everything from an organization’s history to comprehensive families trees

unique services and business ideas4


Kubo Play >>

Miami based Kubo is the party planning service of our dreams. Their fun indoor playground is not your average adventure grounds.  Each custom designed kids party has creativity oozing from every angle and personal touches that will make you kid feel like they’ve stepped into your own personal wonderland!

unique services and business ideas5

Stitchology >>

Looking to start a new project? New Mexico’s Stitchology is just the place to put your creativity in action and leave with a beautifully handmade good.  Catering to both adults and children, Stitchology is the perfect example of how a little creativity can turn your favorite hobby into a full fledged business. 

unique services and business ideas6

Pilotpix >>

Pilotpix makes in-flight videos… and I’m not talking about safety tips! This aviation photography and videography service puts you in the pilot seat to capture your very own aerial experience. What a thrill!

unique services and business ideas7

Mag Book >>
Magbook takes the lost art of photo printing to a beautiful new level. Their photo album service prints your precious memories on fine quality material that will remind you what the original meaning of “liking” and “sharing” a photo is all about.

unique services and business ideas8

Parking Ticket Angel >>

Nothing can turn a day from good to grey more than getting a parking ticket. Luckily Parking Ticket Angel has come to save Londoners from parking ticket woes by fighting those fickle notes. Now if only they could find us find a decent parking spot downtown.. 

unique services and business ideas9

Preg Dance >>
The changes of pregnancy can leave many women at a loss for safe and effective exercise routines. Pregdance is a specialized ballet class that caters to mom-to-be with a pre-natal workout that will serve their body and spirit with the joy of dance.

unique services and business ideas10
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