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April 18th 2014 | Wix Updates

Education is a way of life. Here at Wix, we believe in learning that combines fun, challenging and practical knowledge. There’s nothing that makes us happier than seeing our web publishing platform helping students expand their education and their understanding of technology.

All over the world, educators with an innovative approach are introducing website building and technology as part of their curricula and study program. We want to take the opportunity to salute a group of these cutting-edge teachers and their brilliant students. Here’s for taking the modern classroom to the next level!

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Teaching Entrepreneurship to the Google Generation

When Reuben Steiger heard PayPal founder Peter Thiel talk about education that is relevant to today’s reality, he decided that this kind of program can be valuable even to elementary school children. Steiger decided to create 8andup, a unique initiative that introduces youngsters to the basics of entreprenuership.

“Each child was given a $50 budget to use to invent a product and launch it on Wix”, Steiger explains. “Our introductory class, which is called ‘What If?’, focuses on the basics of invention, design and marketing.” After three weeks of classes and workshops, the kids are ready to present their very own inventions and products to the world!

To see just how innovative these little geniuses are, visit the 8andup store, where you can browse through all of their wonderful creations!  Including awesome video presentations like this one by the co-founders of “Rock Paper Scissors Industries”!


Bringing Family Stories to the Web

Realizing that traditional family trees might not be the most appropriate way to present family history in the age of the internet, Israeli high-school Ironi Aleph in Tel Aviv decided to try a different approach. The teachers proposed that their students use Wix to build a family website and document their story.

“Nowadays, creating websites is a way for young students to express themselves,” tells project manager Shoni Aronovich. “Using tools like Wix, PowerPoint or Google Maps allowed us to incorporate important skills into students’ work and to give the ‘classic’ family tree project a boost.”

Surprisingly, the students weren’t entirely convinced at first, says Aronovich, yet they soon discovered the many opportunities that they have in designing their own online family trees and became hooked. After seeing their children’s work, the parents were also enthusiastic about the project. “They soon started fantasizing about their kids’ potential careers in the internet industry,” he adds.

Bringing Family Stories to the Web


Education Heroes Teaching English to Cambodian Children

Leonie Tensen and her partners at the Education and Conservation Organization Teachers are doing amazing work bringing English language education to children at the Cambodian Island of Koh Rong Samloem. They also train local teachers to continue the English education program and create their own local network of learning.

The ECO Teachers organization often faces challenging conditions, for instance, not having electricity in the classrooms. They manage to overcome these difficulties with a creative program that includes music, gardening, dance and more.

According to Leonie, having a Wix website has been extremely valuable in running the project: “We are very happy that Wix could support us. This website is a place where we collect all the video’s, pictures, information and news.” Wix is grateful to be a part of this wonderful program!

 Education Heroes Teaching English to Cambodian Children


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