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Web Design \ APR 11th 2014

Konnichiwa! Beautiful Wix Websites from Japan

Whether you’re a hardcore Japanophile (someone who lives and breathes Japaneses culture) or simply someone who appreciates a different take on web design, we’ve got a treat in store for you. We thought it was time to pay homage to the gorgeous and creative websites created by Japanese Wix users. If you’re creating your own website, we think there are more than a few really cool design elements in this set of sites that can be used for some quality inspiration.

If you don’t speak Japanese, worry not – the strong use of images and stunning design of these 21 websites will keep your eyes more than entertained.


Ainoizumi >>



Tsubakiya >>



Furhythm >>



Do Mille >>

Do Mille


Chubu Kikai Giken >>

Chubu Kikai Giken

Yukino Design >>

Yukino Design


BobFes >>



TK4 Design >>

TK4 Design


Akaneandoo >>



Asukaeo >>



Terra Photography >>

Terra Photography


Atelier 328 >>

Atelier 328


Yajima Bungu >>

Yajima Bungu


Fukushima Kaori >>

Fukushima Kaori


One Level Up >>

One Level Up


Keisuke Togawa >>

japanesse websites16


The Mummy >>

The Mummy


Voichi >>



Wonderlamp >>



Yoga Lotus >>

Yoga Lotus

Kiyo Murakami >>

Kiyo Murakami

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