New Image Galleries for a Better-Looking Website!

March 5th 2014 | Wix Updates

More than 40 million Wix users worldwide make the web sparkle with their gorgeous Wix websites. But what if we told you that you could instantly make your beautiful site look even better?

We’re proud to introduce a new set of image galleries that provide the ultimate visual presentation for photography works, products, design projects, family photos and every type of image you want on your site.

These galleries were designed by the Wix Studio Team according to the latest web design trends. They offer a friendly browsing experience for your site visitors, and following the Wix tradition of simplifying everything, they are super easy to edit and customize.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Wix galleries:

The Honeycomb Gallery

The Honeycomb Gallery is a fun and amazingly creative way to show images. The full gallery view zooms in on the most important element of the image, that can be viewed full-size with a click. If you’re not a bee fan, you can choose alternative shapes for this gallery while keeping all its main features!

The Honeycomb Gallery

The Accordion Gallery

The Accordion Gallery is dynamic gallery with two fantastic functions: the mouse roll-over expands the image within the gallery, while a mouse click opens the full-size image in a pop-up window. A great choice for those interested in a smooth and clean feel.

The Accordion Gallery

The Strip Slideshow

If images are a main focus of your website, use the Strip Slideshow Gallery. It allows you to display full-screen visuals in motion – a fantastic way to capture your visitors’ attention right away. For best results, use only high-res, high-quality photo with this gallery.

The Strip Slideshow Gallery

The Thumbnails Gallery

The Thumbnails Gallery is a classic image gallery that allows you to zoom in on one fantastic visual while demonstrating your full range of capacities to your visitors . You can place the thumbnails on the top, bottom or to the sides of the large image so that it fits perfectly with your website’s layout.

The Thumbnails Gallery

Wanna try the new galleries? …
Open the Wix editor -> Click the plus icon (“add”) on the upper left side of the Wix editor -> Gallery -> et Voila! :)


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