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Wix Updates \ MAR 18th 2014

New Feature: Pin It! Button

Finally – your pinning prayers have been answered! Our wizards in the Wix product team have been working nonstop to bring you our latest feature: the Pinterest ‘Pin It’ button. Site visitors can now pin content directly from your Wix website to Pinterest with one click. Wix website owners – your site is about to take a whole new direction.

We’ve broken it all down and created a step-by-step guide so that adding this feature to your site is easy as pie.

New Feature: Pin It! Button


What is Pinterest and ‘pinning’?

Pinterest is a sort of virtual pin-board where you can save (‘pin’) and share interesting and engaging content you find around the web. All the pins (think: digital bookmark) you collect can then be organzised into boards. Boards have personalized themes that people can pin links to, with each link represented by a photo or graphic. All pins can then be ‘re-pinned’ with your links to their own sites, or to their own Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Wix on Pinterest

Check Out Wix On Pinterest

Why Pin?

Pinning has not only become majorly popular, but it’s also a turbocharged way to bring organic traffic to your site. With this new feature you can potentially start to see an increase in both organic traffic and interest in your site and business. If you have products, this could translate into better sales. Still wondering if you should bother adding it? The answer is yes! Luckily, it’s pretty simple to do, and we’ve mapped it all out for you.


How do I add it to my site?

First steps:

  • From the left side of the Editor, click the + (add) symbol to open Add
  • From Add, click Social
  • Click Pinterest Pin It and place the button where you want it on your site

Add Pin It Button

Last steps:

  • Double-click the Pinterest Pin It button you just added
  • From the Pinterest Pin It Button settings bar on the left, click Choose Image

Choose the image you would like to appear on your pin

  • From the image gallery, select an image and then click Change Image (note: this is the image that will appear in Pinterest after visitors click your Pinterest Pin It button)
  • From the Pinterest Pin It Button settings bar under Add a Description, type a description of the image (note: this is the description that will appear in Pinterest after visitors click your Pinterest Pin It button)
  • To customize the look of your new Pin It button, scroll down in the Pinterst Pin It settings tab and change the settings for Pin counter, size and color

Change the Settings of Your Pin Button

You can now see how your pin will look in Pinterest in the Pin Preview section in the settings tab. Don’t forget to click save and keep in mind that in order to test out your new Pin It button, your site needs to be published. Happy pinning!

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