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Design Inspiration \ FEB 19th 2014

Wix Designers Reveal Their Favorite Templates (and Tips!)

The Wix Template Collection is home to hundreds of beautiful designs. We often get asked which template is our absolute favorite, but it’s always been too tough to choose just one. So, we decided to put this question to our design team instead. We asked them to choose not one, but their top 6 designs and give some reasons why. We have to say, they made some really spectacular picks.

We present to you the 6 top templates, carefully chosen by Wix’s design stars:

Travel Agency Template

My reason for choosing the Travel Agency template is pretty biased: I created it! I also really love the transparency of the borders – it gives it such an open feeling and makes all of the elements really pop. It’s a really great way to present an image you want to feature, while still having lots of places to put important content. Once you add your own text and images I feel like this would be a great template for all kinds of purposes, not just a travel agency.

Tip: If you go with your own pic as a background, go with ultra high-res[olution].


Restaurant Template

To me, the Restaurant Site template supports all the necessities for a great restaurant site: contact and reservation details, opening hours, location, menu, an about section, I could go on! Mostly I love the layout and how a tasty-looking dish is highlighted, so someone can maybe get some inspiration. If I had to choose the best feature on this template, I’d have to say it’s how the buttons link to PDF’s – that seems especially practical. While I do have a special love for food themed sites, I still think this template would be a great option for any bar, club, theater or event/nightlife type of business.

Tip: If you have a restaurant, use a really great picture of your signature dish as the background image.


Food Photographer

Where to begin?? I pretty much love everything about the Food Photographer design. The strip images are impressive and inviting. The color scheme is bright but not over the top, and the logo is delicate and lovely. Everything  comes together perfectly to form a neat and modern feeling package. I can see this template working for lots of different uses, but with it’s big showcased imagesI think it’s really geared towards photographers.

Tip: When customizing, take a cue from the template and match the color scheme to your brand’s.


Advertising and Marketing Firm Template

I chose the Advertising and Marketing Firm template because I love the minimal color palette treatment the designer used and the fact that it’s really easy to customize for any person. I feel like this specific template could very easily get lost among all the attention-grabbing, colorful options that Wix offers, and yet I think it’s one of the more sophisticated designs – and that’s what makes me love it. I espescially love the masonry gallery – I think that it breaks the very structured design that the other pages offer and gives it a little twist. This template would be a strong option for boutique businesses that offer good, quality service. By just replacing a touch of color with that of their brand’s, and in the right place, this design will be perfect for designers, food services, music projects, spa services, and wine, cheese or chocolate boutiques – the list goes on.

Tip: Try to understand what the designer of the template had in mind and implement this on your own version. Use photo filters to give your own images an edge (which you can easily copy by editing the images you upload inside the editor by making some of them in gray scale).


Accessories Shop

The Accessories Shop template has a unique layout that I just tend to gravitate towards – the organized-mess feel is really on trend. I also think it’s a great example of how to showcase products properly – minimal and clean so that the focus can be on the items for sale. For that reason alone I’d have to say that this design is best suited for fashion designers and retail shops, but the more I think about it the more types of people and businesses I can see using this…

Tip: If you use the product gallery, make sure to give really good descriptions of your products. Online customers will be much more likely to buy.


Record Label Template

This Record Label template screams pro musician! I love music and if I were to come across this site, I’d probably stop to check it out and give a proper listen just based on the design alone. It’s refreshingly current; the long strip underneath the header makes a great space for anything artistic and cool. Even though there’s a lot of content on the home page, everything still looks organized and it’s easy to find what you looking for. I really feel like this template isn’t just for musicians, but anyone in the creative sectors: art, entertainment, design, photography, advertising and so on.

Tip: I’m a big fan of minimal text – try to keep your messages short, simple and to the point.


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