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Web Design \ FEB 5th 2014

10 Beautiful Websites That Got Really Creative With Images

It’s no secret: we live in a visual world. Images have long been the most powerful way to transmit a message and inspire – and this is just as true when it comes to web design. Simply put: strong pictures make for a strong statement. The more innovative you can get with this concept the bigger impact your site will have on its visitors.

If you were to make a list of websites that you find visually enticing, chances are that almost all of them would feature amazing images. With that said, we’ve put together our own compilation of 10 Wix websites that we think have mastered that wow factor – all thanks to their creative and unconventional use of images.

Get ready, it’s about to get visual:


Bib & Trucker Blueprint >>

Bib & Trucker Blueprint


Hide London >>

Hide London


Freakly >>



Graphics by.me>>

Graphics by.me


Jackie Blaze >>

Jackie Blaze


Lola Guilldou >>

Lola Guilldou


Marshall Arts >>

Marshall Arts


Red Skunk >>

Red Skunk


Nasty Fingers >>

Nasty Fingers


The Mos >>

The Mos



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