Are You Unknowingly Driving Visitors Away From Your eStore?

February 26th 2014 | Small Business Tips

No matter what the topic – politics, fashion, iPhone vs. Android, or even which place serves the best pizza – it seems like everyone has an opinion. This is just as true when it comes to your website. While the saying “you can’t please everyone” exists for a reason, there are some practices that can help you keep almost everyone that visits your website happy – especially customers.

These 6 questions have been designed to figure out: is your eStore in top selling shape?

Are You Mobile Friendly?

Having a mobile version for your website is more important than ever. Any recent survey on internet use will show that mobile access is on the rise and that in the coming years the majority of people surfing the web will be doing it from their phones. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile – site visitors could get frustrated and decide to look elsewhere. Luckily, Wix offers the perfect mobile solution for your website.

 Are You Mobile Friendly?

Are You Giving Customers Choice Paralysis?

Choice Paralysis is something we’ve all experienced. Here’s an example: when you go to a restaurant and the menu is 20 pages long, you probably feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to order. This same concept can apply to your eStore – if it’s not organized and set-up properly, your sales will probably slump. But there’s hope! If you have a large amount of products in your eStore, you might simply consider placing them into relevant categories. Another useful tip is highlighting items that are best-sellers or on sale – place ribbons or icons that bring your customers attention to these products. Doing this will likely translate into these items selling like never before.

 Are You Giving Customers Choice Paralysis?

Are Your CTAs Obvious?

How you use your CTAs (call to actions) can be a huge factor in how your site visitors navigate your site. There are two ways to use them: linked words and buttons that have text inside. Spoiler alert: the buttons convert way better. But it doesn’t just come down to using a button, the placement as well as the text you use are crucial to getting those clicks. Best practices include placing them in either the top left corner of your site, or the bottom right corner (above the fold). Text should always be active and clear – “Start Today” or “Buy Now”. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make your button large and red – it’s bound to get the attention you’re aiming for.

 Are Your CTAs Obvious?

Are You Showcasing Your Products Properly?

Online shopping is popular for a reason: it’s easy. It’s downfall tends to be centered around the fact that you can’t see, touch or try on the items you buy – this is where the importance of visuals and description come in. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is looking at your eStore for the first time. Are your products’ photos high-resolution? Can someone get a good sense of texture and quality? Using top quality shots of your items (never stock photos!) along with strong, detailed descriptions can instill confidence in your buyer, and lead to more sales.

 Are You Showcasing Your Products Properly?

Are You Giving Visitors A Reason to Buy?

Online shoppers are not facing a lack of selection when it comes to buying online – this is why this question is so important. In order to stand out and reach the sales goals you’ve set, you need to highlight your unique selling point. Do you have a no-hassle return policy? Friendly customer service? Free shipping? Online shoppers have no shortage of places to buy, so make sure you let them know why buying with you is the right choice. Show them the benefit, plain and simple.

Are You Giving Visitors A Reason to Buy?

Does Your Website Look Credible?

Just because you know that your eStore is reliable, honest, and chock full of quality goods, doesn’t mean that your site visitors do. Reinforce their confidence by completing two simple things: adding your complete physical address and your phone number. If you’ve done this, make sure that they’re easy to find. Even if all of your interaction is online, people will still appreciate that they can call you, and they’ll be much more likely to make a purchase.

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