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Small Business Tips \ JAN 30th 2014

5 Monetization Opportunities for Your Wix Website

As the internet increasingly becomes the top arena for financial transactions, opportunities to make money online grow rapidly. If you’re looking for ways to make a legitimate extra-income, creating a website with Wix can provide you with the perfect platform to run various business ventures on your own terms.

Check out the following monetization opportunities for your website:

5 Monetization Opportunities for Your Wix Website

Google AdSense

Using Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to create a passive income. The model revenue is simple: Google’s algorithm scans your website and matches relevant ads to your website’s content. Once you place the ads on your website, you start receiving fees for the clicks these ads generate. This sounds simple enough – and it actually is – but it does mean you’ll have to keep your content relevant and appealing. The Google AdSense App lets to choose the size and placement of the ads on your website, so that they integrate seamlessly with your design. You will naturally get detailed reports on your ads’ performance and the freedom to optimize your setup accordingly.

Add Google AdSense to your website.

Google AdSense


Fiverr is a popular web service where people from all corners of the world offer to perform different tasks for a starting price of $5. Some of these tasks are professional – editing photos, recording voice-overs for videos, writing blog posts, etc. – while others are simply fun (the crazier, the better). If you have a special skill that you feel people will be interested in, you can use Wix’s Fiverr app to present it directly on your website, while still enjoying Fiverr’s payment gateway. Win-Win.

Add the Fiverr App to your website.


Online Store

Creating an eCommerce website and selling your products online is an important business move that can really expand your operation. Most things that can be sold on shops can also be sold online and there’s no reason to limit yourself to a local audience. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these examples of fantastic online shops – all created with Wix. These websites illustrate how beautiful web design, strong content and a great product can combine into a powerful online shop that sells big.

Create an online store.

Online Shop

Affiliate Program

You already have a rocking website online, why not make money from it by joining the Wix affiliate program? Become our partner and get a nice extra income!

Affiliate websites use links (ads, text links or banners) to refer site visitors to a certain service. A Wix affiliate sends traffic over to Wix and in return gets a commission for every successful referral. Interested? Check out these FAQ’s to learn more.

Become a Wix Affiliate.

Affiliate Program

Sell Digital Products

If your service or product involves downloading a digital file, you can set up a unique shop that operates 100% online. Integrate the Getonic app into your Wix website and set up a Pop Shop by uploading your files and fixing the pricing and checkout options.

Digital products you can sell on your website include music in MP3 format, eBooks, coupons, high-resolution images, software, articles, videos, computer games and more. If you want effective digital commerce, Getonic is the way to go.

Add the Getonic App to your website.

Getonic App

Haven’t created a website yet? Give Wix’ free web design platform a try, and create your website today!

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