15 Magnificent Artists and Illustrators Websites

January 10th 2014 | Web Design

The online art scene is a universe of creativity, beauty and boldness. Wix is proud to be a part of that scene by offering illustrators, painters and artists of all kinds a platform to create an online portfolio for themselves. We design beautiful portfolio templates that have one leading objective – to allow artists to display their work online on their own terms.

No matter what style or genre, artists who use Wix to create their portfolios are putting their aesthetic vision to work as they design their websites. The result is a gorgeous mix of awesome web design and breathtaking visual art works, and this is what it looks like:


Kayleigh Doughty >>

Kayleigh Doughty


Asier Sancho Senosiain >>

Asier Sancho Senosiain


George Ioannou >>

George Ioannou

Brad Albright >>

Brad Albright


Hardy Design Group >>

Hardy Design Group


Mallory Carlson >>

Mallory Carlson

Jordy Likes Birds >>

Jordy Likes BirdsWix.com

Mercedes Garcia >>

Mercedes Garcia


Nadiozhna >>



Nephyla >>



Rebecca Miller Illustration>>

Rebecca Miller Illustration


Samantha Payne Painting >>

Samantha Payne Painting

Vanesa longchamp >>

Vanesa longchamp

Human Yeti Rature >>

Human Yeti Rature


Yow Ogura >>

Yow Ogura

Ready to create your free online art portfolio? Browse through dozens of beautiful art templates and find the perfect one for you. Once making your choice click “Edit” and start designing your website.


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