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Design Inspiration \ DEC 17th 2013

What Kind of Website Is Right for You?

Today, in this super-connected Internet age, the web is the first place people turn to for quick access to the information they need. What it means to you, as a small business owner, is that your online presence needs to be more effective than ever. You might already have a website that is not doing that great or you may be a web novice making your first steps in the business. Either way, the first question you should ask yourself is ‘what kind of website is right for me?’.  Every website has a different purpose and the best way to determine the purpose, is by focusing on what you’re hoping to achieve. For instance, are you trying to sell a product? Find a job? Get people to join a social cause? Each one of these different objectives will affect the very structure of your site.

Wix.com offers easy and practical solutions to almost any type of business need – check out the following list and decide which type of website is the right fit for you.

What Kind of Website is Right for You

Informational Website

Who is it good for? 

  • Businesses that have a physical location
  • Businesses that offer products or services that can’t be sold online

What is it good for? 

  • Raising awareness to your business
  • Adding visibility and credibility to your business (people actually expect to find you online these days)
  • Helping people learn more about you and your business
  • Giving people an incentive to use your services / products (by adding a coupon or a testimonials page)

How to create an informational website? 

Wix has literally hundreds of free templates for various informational websites. You can find a template for virtually any business or service from an advertising agency to a Preschool, to a non profit.
Your website should typically include the following:

  • The Homepage – As the gateway to your website, this page should have a clear, welcoming and enticing messaging
  • Services / Products  page – A list of the services or service packages that your business provides
  • About us – Information about you and your company, your goal, vision, early days. You can add your photo or your team’s photos for a more personal touch. You can also add photos of your business.
  • Testimonials page – Optional
  • Contact us – Info on the different ways clients can get in touch with you. Tip: add a Google map.


Check out our full collection of templates for business & services.

Wix Templates for Informational Websites

Or take a look at this great website, that  John T. Realty created, using a Wix template:

what's your website8

eCommerce Website

Who is it good for? 

  • Anyone wishing to sell their products online, nation or worldwide

What is it good for? 

  • An ideal stand-alone solution for people who don’t have a physical location / store
  • Creating a dedicated online store is a powerful addition to any business

How to create an eCommerce website? 

Essentially, eCommerce sites are created with the agenda to make a sale. As a ground rule these websites should present an optimal user flow that is entirely geared towards making a purchase.  Wix’s eCommerce package comes with  all the features you need to create a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience: a product gallery,inventory and orders management, adding coupons functionality, taxes and shipping rules, etc.

Start your own online store today using a Wix eCommerce template:

Wix Templates for Online Shop


Check out Creme de Luxe, a beautiful example of an eCommerce site created with Wix:

Creme de Luxe

Portfolio Website

Who is it good for? 

  • Artists, musicians, actors, photographers, architects, freelancers – anyone who needs a “show and tell” resume

What is it good for? 

  • Showcasing your work and talent
  • Marketing your skills

How to create a portfolio website? 

A portfolio website is usually smaller in than an informational or eCommerce site and represents a single person and her or his work. Accordingly, the template you use should project a more intimate space that lets you express your creativity. Wix templates support all the media required for a portfolio website: photos, videos, your Instagram and SoundCloud feeds – whatever you need to make your portfolio truly your own. You can also use any icon, photo or clipart you want from our extensive media library.

Check out these beautiful templates and start designing your personal portfolio website:

Wix Templates for Online Portfolios


Or have a look at Samantha Payne’s amazing portfolio, created with Wix:

Samantha Payne

Landing Page

Who is it good for? 

  • Online and affiliate marketers, business owners who want to create marketing campaigns

What is it good for? 

  • Capturing leads
  • Driving visitors to perform an action (leaving their contact details / making a purchase)

How to create a landing page? 

Wix’s platform is perfect for creating beautiful and intuitive landing pages that entice people to click on an offer. You can set up a landing page in just a few hours- from concept to full implementation. Part of the Wix offering is the Wix App Market that allows you seamless integration of third-party apps that can help you generate leads, monitor your campaigns and measure your success.

Check out Wix’s one pager templates and build a landing page to promote your business:

Wix Templates for Landing pages


This is a landing page we created (using Wix, of course) to promote the Wix SF Meetup:

Landing Page Example

Online Resume

Who is it good for? 

  • People who need a text-based resume

What is it good for? 

  • Having an on-the-fly resume you can send in seconds even when you’re not at home
  • Showing potential employers you’re web savvy
  • Adding value to your resume by placing recommendations and your personal touch

How to create an online resume? 

Grab a Wix Resume template and get to work!

Wix Templates for CV


Clifton Koons did a great job with his resume site:

Clifton Wilder Koons


Who is it good for? 

  • Bloggers, journalists, writers, companies and business owners

What is it good for? 

  • Showcasing your writing talent
  • Giving your clients added value by posting information that is useful and relevant to them
  • Sharing thoughts and soliciting feedback from your clients
  • Strengthening your brand by giving it a personality and a voice

How to create a blog? 

You can start a blog on your existing Wix website to tell readers about recent updates to your business/online shop, or just to share information and ideas with them on a various topics. When you provide valuable information in your blog you can turn users into dedicated readers and returning visitors.

To add a blog to your Wix site, in the editor, click add, then click “Blog” and “Add Blog”.
You can start publishing posts and engaging with readers right away.

Wix Blog


Check out  Hypeball, an awesome blog created with Wix:


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