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Small Business Tips \ DEC 6th 2013

3 Tips for Getting in on the Christmas eCommerce Rush

For small business owners, huge sales opportunities are available thanks to holiday-themed eCommerce. With Thanksgiving weekend now behind us, the hype over Christmas shopping is in high gear, and you may be wondering how you can benefit.

Every year, retailers count on the holiday season gift shopping rush as a major source of revenues. Holiday season ecommerce sales in the US are projected to total $61.8 billion in 2013, with the average consumer planning to spend over $700 on gifts. No wonder you’re seeing dollar signs!

It may be too late for you to launch an effective online shop for this year’s holiday season, but if you pay attention to these three pointers and get to work preparing for November 2014, you should be in great shape.

3 Tips for Getting in on the Christmas eCommerce Rush

1. Pick the Right Product

If your strategy is for your online shop to bring in the vast majority of its business each November and December, then you need to think about what you’ll sell accordingly.

You’ll want your product line to resonate emotionally with the experience of holiday gift giving. This doesn’t need to be a literal connection, of course, so don’t feel limited to scarves with red and white stripes, for example. However, products that are primarily useful during the warmer months are out, so scratch that idea you had for a Christmas-themed bikini retail site.

You can also reference this handy list from Nielsen of 2013’s most in-demand holiday gift product categories.

If you achieve your goal of driving enough holiday season sales to keep your business afloat all year, though, consider what this will mean for your own experience running the business. Make sure you’ll be able to procure, create and store enough inventory for when the shopping rush comes! If you’re selling handmade jewelry, for example, you can build up your stash of ready-to-ship pieces all year long. On the other hand, this is not the case if you sell the latest gadget, which may be too expensive – or become outdated too quickly – for stockpiling.

3 Tips for Getting in on the Christmas eCommerce Rush

2. Find the Perfect Template

If you build your holiday eCommerce site using Wix, you have the option to go straight for one of our more Christmas-y designs. “Holiday Store” and “Christmas Shop” are both extremely attractive starting points.

Holiday Store >>

3 Tips for Getting in on the Christmas eCommerce Rush

Christmas Shop >>

3 Tips for Getting in on the Christmas eCommerce Rush

If these templates aren’t doing it for you, you can use any one of our most fetching eCommerce templates, even those that aren’t designed for holiday branding – we’ve got nearly 100 of them on offer – and you can easily add Christmas-themed clipart to any site design. All you have to do is open the Editor, go to Add > Image > Clipart > Free from Wix > Holidays, and you’ll see a nice selection of beautiful illustrations to use.

3 Tips for Getting in on the Christmas eCommerce Rush

3. Optimize with Apps

With the Wix App Market, it’s easy to add many types of specialized features  to your online presence. All of the apps have been evaluated for seamless Wix integration, so you know they’ll work well, install with one click and look good. Thankfully, the App Market offers several apps that are great for increasing sales and making business operations easier on merchants. Here are seven highlights.

  • With LiveChat, your conversion rates are likely to skyrocket, as you’ll be able to answer shoppers’ questions in real time – before they get frustrated and buy from your competition.
  • Is the concept you have in mind for your Christmas eCommerce site more of an exercise in marketing than a full-service shop? If you use the 365 Dropship app, you can publish a risk-free site with a rich selection of third-party merchants’ products, and the 365 Dropship people will handle all inventory, billing, service and fulfillment – all you need to do is get people to make purchases.
  • Nurture relationships with potential customers and – potential repeat customers – with the magic of email marketing. Considered by many to be the best solution for email marketing in existence, MailChimp now integrates fully with Wix.

3 Tips for Getting in on the Christmas eCommerce Rush

  • If your online store features lots of product options, categories and subcategories, then you can make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for if you set up the Site Search app.
  • Look like the serious business that you are by publishing an attractive toll-free customer service phone number. It’s easier and cheaper than you might think with MightyCall.
  • The Getonic All-in-One Store allows you to offer customers the opportunity to earn commissions on sales they bring your way by sharing your merchandise with their friends on social media.
  • Give shoppers a better sense of what they’ll be getting for their money with the interactive 360-degree product images of RotaryView.

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