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Designing with Wix \ DEC 2nd 2013

Amazing Round-up of New Wix Features

There’s something hot cooking in our R&D team’s kitchen. Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work developing exciting new features for the Wix web development platform and it’s time to share them with you! These new features were designed to give you even more design flexibility and new functionalities to support your business or brand. We hope that you enjoy them and that they will help you in creating a powerful online presence that your clients and prospects find hard to resist.

Wix’s New Mobile Solution>>

With people increasingly turning to Smart Devices for web browsing, having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a question but an absolute must. Available directly from the Wix Editor, our new mobile solution saves you time, money and trouble by automatically optimizing your desktop website for mobile browsing. Whenever updating your desktop website our platform will automatically add the new content to your mobile site.
All is left for you to do is to customize your content any way you want it: You can re-size, reorder and hide elements, all without affecting your desktop website. And the results are so, so beautiful.

To enable optimized mobile view, go to the Wix Editor and click the mobile icon on the left side of the header.

Amazing Round-up of New Wix Features

New Images, Icons and Shapes >>

Although the web mantra remains “content is king”, images and iconography are as important as texts when building your brand. Choosing images for your website is an art in its own right, and finding high-quality photos is even harder. Wix’s media gallery comes to the save by offering a one-stop-shop for high-resolution photos, an incredible selection of icons and cutsie clipart for the Kawaii at heart. All media elements are very easy to add and you can sort your images into intuitive folders, arranging by subject, date or event.

To see our media collection, go to the Wix Editor and click the plus icon (“add”) on the left vertical bar.

Amazing Round-up of New Wix Features

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts >>

Typography plays a big part in branding. Put simply, fonts matter. Communicating the right ‘mood’ to your target audience and conveying an appealing image depends to a great extent on the fonts you choose . To help you establish your professional image, we recently uploaded 30 new, hand-picked fonts to the editor. Whether you’re looking to brand yourself as a small, community-centered local business, a professional service provider or a vintage mom and pop shop, you will find a font to convey your distinct qualities.

To see our selection of fonts, go to the Wix Editor, click the paintbrush icon on the left vertical bar, open ‘Design’ and choose ‘Fonts’.
PS> Can’t find the font that you’re looking for? Try Texty, a Wix-curated app that lets you add fonts and designer styles to your website.

Amazing Round-up of New Wix Features

3D Photo Galleries >>

Wix is a platform that’s known for its visual beauty and our new 3D photos galleries certainly support our reputation. The 3D Slideshow and 3D Carousel galleries make any ordinary website come to a life by showcasing images in a dynamic and powerful way. This can be especially important for people whose business relies on strong images: eCommerce vendors, product-based companies, photographers and artists. The new 3D galleries have great customization options and can be easily edited to fit your own needs: add your own images or choose from our free collection, link images to any page, set transition timing to your desired speed and much more.

To add a 3D gallery to your website, go to the Wix Editor, click the plus icon (“add”) on the left vertical bar and choose ‘Gallery’.

Amazing Round-up of New Wix Features

Order Management for eCommerce >>

An important aspect of an eCommerce website is its backstage management system. An effective management system helps you keep an organized online shop and stock inventory. Our new order management feature guarantees that no online order ever slips through the cracks. It lets you see all your online orders in one place, locate an order quickly via search, view details like date, buyer information, products ordered and total, and update the status of any of your online orders.
Learn more about the Wix eCommerce package.

Amazing Round-up of New Wix Features



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