How to Make Sure Your Business is Found on Google

November 28th 2013 | Promote Your Site

Growing your brand’s online presence is an exciting and essential job. Your website serves as a virtual extension to your business, educating and attracting visitors who may not have heard of you so far. A major aspect of any brand’s web presence is where and how it appears on Google search results. Your site’s ranking for particular keywords can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic you get, and consequently, the number of interested customers knocking on your door. To make sure your site is found on Google take a look at the tips below.

How to Make Sure Your Business is Found on Google

Submit Your Site to Google

Search engines crawl the web collecting information and indexing hundreds of millions of pages every day. While your site is likely to be discovered by Google without you doing anything in particular, you can hasten the process by submitting your site to Google through this link: Submit site to Google
By re-submitting your site every time you make a change, you inform Google about updates, making sure the latest version of your site is indexed.
For additional search engine love, submit your site to Bing.

How to Make Sure Your Business is Found on Google

Select the Right Keywords

Keywords are one of the main factors Google uses to analyze a website. When Google crawls your site, it takes into consideration the keywords you use for your website’s titles and text and chooses how to rank your site for these keywords. If you sell “handmade jewelry” on your website, this is a keyword you probably want to rank for. However, keep in mind that getting a good ranking for highly searched keywords can be difficult, since the competition is high.
Use Google’s Keyword Planner to find ideas for the keywords most relevant for your business and get an estimation on their search volume. Open an account and sign into Google Adwords to access the tool. Once you’re logged in, go to Tools & Analysis, then click Keyword Planner.
Select the first option to search for new keywords and ad group ideas, then enter the keyword you’d like to research.

How to Make Sure Your Business is Found on Google
In the next screen, click the “Keyword ideas” tab. There, you’ll see the keyword you typed along with related keywords and their estimated search volume.

How to Make Sure Your Business is Found on Google

The keyword planner is a useful tool for learning what people search for and it can help you find relevant keywords to add to your site’s content. Try to locate the longtail keywords, these are typically longer keyword phrases that have a lower search volume and less competition, but may be super-relevant for your site’s visitors. To stick with our example, a longtail keyword phrase for a site that sells handmade jewelry can be: “handmade wedding jewelry designs” or “unique beaded jewelry”.
Once you know which keywords you’re using, add them to your site’s titles and text. Make sure they flow naturally within the content and avoid keyword “stuffing”- do not overuse keywords as Google can penalize you for bad practices.

Optimize Your Meta Tags

Meta titles and meta descriptions are text elements that are not visible to your website’s visitors but provide information to search engines. When you add meta tags, keep in mind this text appears in Google’s search results and will be viewed by potential visitors as they decide whether or not to enter your website. Wix users can easily add meta tags to their sites by using this simple tutorial.

How to Make Sure Your Business is Found on Google

 Link Your New Website to Your Social Profiles

Your existing social profiles should support the mission of spreading the word out about your site. Add your site’s link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ accounts and everywhere else you have an online presence. After you complete this, share a status update about your site on these networks. Since search crawlers get to sites via links, you increase your chance to get discovered faster, while sending social signals to search engines which also helps your search engine ranking.

How to Make Sure Your Business is Found on Google

 Add Your Site to Local Directories

The Internet allows us to get in touch with people and businesses across the globe. Still, the majority of us who go online actually search for things close to home. In fact, 1 in 3 of queries that people type into a standard Google search bar are about specific places.

To make sure your site is found on local search, list your business in top business directories for location based marketing, get started with the group below:

Google Places
Merchant Circle


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