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Small Business Tips \ NOV 13th 2013

Game-Changing Apps for Capturing Leads on your Website

Your website is an important sales tool, but it can’t do all of the hard work alone! Just because someone visits your website doesn’t mean he or she has instantly become your loyal customer.  It’s time to get serious about capturing leads, so you can build trusting relationships with prospects and close deals with them over time.

Designing and publishing a site is just the beginning. That’s when you start marketing, working hard to get people to see your content. And once they’ve gotten a taste of the value you have to offer, you can ask them to allow you to contact them and send them more. If you’re going to put so much effort into launching, maintaining and driving traffic to your website, you need to make sure it’s been optimized for lead capturing. While this aspect of web marketing can be a bit intimidating to many small business owners, it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn how to quickly and easily get started with capturing leads so you can turn them into sales.

Boost Sales by Capturing Leads on Your Website

Form Apps for Capturing Leads

In the digital age, sales are made by nurturing relationships with buyers who have expressed interest in your business, so you can’t even hope to close a sale until you’ve converted that anonymous visitor into a lead. Leads are captured when a user expresses some sort of intent to know more about what you have to offer – whether it’s products, services, advice or great content that he or she finds useful.

Boost Sales by Capturing Leads on Your Website

Converting a visitor into a lead is like making a pre-sale, in that it involves no money changing hands, but it is a type of transaction. The user has built enough interest in your brand, your helpfulness, your authority and your trustworthiness that he or she is willing to hand over precious contact information. You can ask for and collect this contact information in any number of ways, but they all eventually take the shape of an opt-in form, usually for entering an email address and sometimes other pieces of contact information.

Forms come in many shapes and sizes. The Wix App Market includes several form building apps that allow you to customize the design and interface and even integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Many of these apps even have free versions. Other services that aren’t integrated as Wix apps – including popular ones like Formstack and Wufoo – will allow you to embed forms on your Wix site using our HTML app.

Boost Sales by Capturing Leads on Your Website

Passively Collecting Newsletter Subscriptions

The best leads – those that are most likely to become customers quickly – opt in because they want to. If your products and services are especially scarce and needed by many, or if you’ve got a huge trove of content up that visitors are getting hooked on before they even see your opt-in form, then you can likely capture many eager leads without doing too much convincing.

Boost Sales by Capturing Leads on Your Website

If you’re planning on nurturing your leads strictly via your email newsletters, then you might not need anything more than an email marketing app, nearly all of which include the capability of embeddable subscribe forms.

Motivating Opt-Ins

You may find that you can capture a lot more leads by offering something for free in exchange for opt-ins. This can be an eBook, a white paper, a video, presentation or other educational materials in the form of a newsletter or an online course. People love this type of content, especially from consultancies and app brands, and if you do a good job packaging your content and your pitch is right, you can capture lots of leads with this type of “hook” or “honeypot.”

Some fancier apps combine lead capture tools with other powerful functions. Appforma enables you to tap into social media viral reach opportunities with coupon deal rewards for users, which can be effective with eCommerce marketing. Appforma Sweepstakes, meanwhile, enters leads into raffles for contests.

Boost Sales by Capturing Leads on Your Website

Other honeypots can motivate through discounts or service samples. You can offer exclusive discounts or deals to visitors who subscribe to your newsletter, for example. Or you can offer a free, short, preliminary consultation, or access to a webinar, in exchange for visitors’ opt-ins.

The Active Contact Form app is one of a few Wix-optimized apps that integrate lead capturing with a calendar sync, allowing users to make appointments with you, which can be extremely effective when you’re offering a free consultation or a sales phone call as part of the opt-in process.

Boost Sales by Capturing Leads on Your Website


And don’t forget to ask people if you can contact them another time when you meet them in person! Offline marketing presents its own lead capturing opportunities as well, even if they are relatively low-tech.

You never know where each sales prospect’s tipping point is going to be – what event needs to take place before they’ll decide to start paying you for your goods and services. With some sales, it could be that you’ve managed to make a convincing enough case that you’ve got the eye for quality that they’re looking for. In other cases, there may be factors that you have no way of being aware of which eventually result in the prospect placing an order. What is predictable, though, is that people often require many touches with your brand before they’re ready to plunk down their hard-earned money. When you capture leads on your site, you’ve got the tools in place so you can build relationships and keep prospects thinking about you until that moment comes.

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