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Web Design \ OCT 8th 2013

Create a Beautiful Online Pregnancy and First Year Album

Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful events that change an entire family’s life. The precious memories from the nine months of pregnancy and the following months of joy need to be preserved and cherished. Today, with all the digital options available, creating an online album is a wonderful way to keep those moments alive.

The experience of creating the online album is in itself an incredible opportunity to reflect on what will forever be an amazing time in your life. Months and even years later, your family will be so grateful for having these photos captured and assembled.

Create a Beautiful Online Pregnancy and First Year Album

Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person out there, have no worries! Wix is here to make things easy for you, with a simple and intuitive platform and a great variety of styles and themes. Let us walk you through process:

How to Create a Pregnancy/First Year Album

Choosing Photos

Going through all pictures from these exciting months is great fun, but it can be quite difficult to narrow down your collection. Many new parents document every single step in their new family life, so we suggest to focus on two criteria: Meaningful moments and the quality of the photos. When you look back at the album you created, you will appreciate having saved such photos that depict significant events, as well as photos that are clear and sharp.

Tip: Before you upload the photos, save the files to your PC with the names that you will later use as image titles.

Create a Beautiful Online Pregnancy and First Year Album

Designing the Album

The first step in the design process is choosing a template that you feel comfortable working with. Chances are you will find something you like in the family-themed category or in the photography category, where templates are optimized for the display of multiple images.

Once you have chosen a template, browse through its pages and try to think how you would like to customize them: What kind of text would you like to add? Do you want separate galleries for separate events? What is your preferred color scheme? All these customization options only involve a few clicks on the Wix editor. All you have to do is choose what is right for you.

Tip: Before you start customizing, visit our learning center to review all the features and functions available on the editor.

Create a Beautiful Online Pregnancy and First Year Album

Adding Rich Content

An online album revolves mostly around photographs, but you don’t have to stop there! You can add small chunks of text that describe the change in your family life, include quotes that inspired you in this special time or even write a message for your newborn. You can also add home videos that capture significant moments or add playlists of songs that are meaningful to you and your family. These types of content will make your album more unique and touching.

Tip: Ask family and friends to add their own contributions to the album (in text, image or video).

Create a Beautiful Online Pregnancy and First Year Album

The Final Touches

Satisfied with your album? Here are a few things we recommend you keep in mind:

  • Keep your album private. You can create  password-protection and make sure that your family photos are only viewed by people that you trust. Also, make sure that your album is removed from search engine crawling (in the editor, go to Settings > SEO > see that the toggle “Allow search engines to find my site” is unchecked -> click “Done”).

Create a Beautiful Online Pregnancy and First Year Album

  • The Wix editor allows you to enhance and retouch photographs! Learn all about this feature and how you can use it in your album.
  • Add a “timeline” page to your album that marks important dates. Add images for an extra wow effect!
  • Make it easy for yourself to update your online album whenever you like by creating special folders where you save all your photos in.
  • Enjoy yourself! Creating this album should be a fun experience that allows you to celebrate a major life event. Don’t treat it as a work task. In this case, the process is as important as the end result.

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