Free Tools for Creating a Logo Without Hiring a Professional Designer

October 30th 2013 | Web Design

You can’t overestimate the importance of a good logo. As the core of your branding, your company logo should communicate your values and personality and make a memorable impression. Think about it this way: If you can sum up the essence of your brand in one word, your logo is the visual representation of that word.

When you create your free website with Wix, your logo will be one of the most important elements in your site design. But how do you actually get a logo if you can’t afford a professional designer? Well, you go DIY!  Here are some wonderful resources to help you design your logo even if you’re not an expert web designer.

Go DIY – Design a Free Logo with Wix

If you’re already using the Wix Editor you know what a magical web design tool it is. What you might have missed on is that the Wix editor’s abilities can be extended to design your logo as well.

How to create your own logo using Wix

On the Wix Editor, Under the ‘Shapes and Lines’ category you can find geometrical and visual elements like squares, banners, arrows and more. For more advanced designs, check out the ‘Clip Art’ category.

How to create your own logo using Wix

Choose a basic shape to impose your logo design on. Customize it by playing with colors, sizes and effects. You can then add your brand’s name, position the text to sit nicely with shape – and voila! You have yourself a logo.

How to create your own logo using Wix

More Free Tools for Creating a Logo

The web is full of services that allow you to create a logo for free. These tools use simple editors with various customization options and allow you to download several formats for multiple uses. Here are a few tools that you should check out:

Logo Garden >>
Very intuitive interface with plenty of customization options.

Logo Garden

Flaming Text >>
Especially useful for text-based logos.

Flaming Text

Zillion Designs >>
Allows you to choose from a large variety of categories.

Zillion Designs

Tweak >>
Tons of styles and professional templates available.


Graphic Springs >>
A simple generator that gets you great designs in a few clicks.

Graphic Springs

Essential Tips for Logo Design

A free logo won’t get you far if it doesn’t echo your brand identity. Before you start creating your own logo, read these important guidelines:

  • Colors: Only choose colors that match the spirit of your company or your product. Read these tips on color psychology before choosing colors
  • Size: Your logo needs to look good on big and small screens. Run a few tests to make sure your design is optimized for different resolutions
  • Inspiration: Learn from great logo designs. Check out these amazing logos and our explanations on why they are so good
  • Timelessness: While it’s perfectly alright to make adjustments to your logo every once in a while, you do not want to change it every two weeks. Come up with a logo that can endure through time
  • Clarity: People need to easily identify with your branding. Keep your logo design accessible and simple
  • Choices: Create 3-4 options for your logo design, consider their weaknesses and strengths and consult with other people before you make your final choice
  • Simplify: Don’t use too many fonts and colors on your logo. Visitors are easily distracted by clutter
  • Background: Get one version of your logo with a see-through background so you can seamlessly integrate it with colors and texture (For web use: PNG or GIF)
  • Formats: Once your logo design is ready to go, get versions of the logo in all the important formats: JPEG, GIF and PNG – for web use. PDF, EPS for printing purposes
  • Identity: Don’t only focus on the sleek design, think about what the logo says about your company. Come up with a beautiful design that best represents your brand

Looking for inspiration?

Here are 5 Wix users with outstanding logo design:



Natalie Howard Makeup

The monkey barFreshpressed Photobooth


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