Web Design Trends to Look Out for in Fall 2013

September 5th 2013 | Web Design

Now that the summer of 2013 is officially gone, it’s time to get back to business. Recently, we published a post offering several tips for preparing for the new season, and one of them was updating your website with new content or a fresh look.

If you choose to give your website a makeover or even just a slight touch-up, getting to know the latest trends in web design is a good place to start. We summed up the most important and current trends every website owner should know of. Let’s get you up to speed:

web design trends for Fall 2013


Skeuomorphism Is Out, Flat Is Definitely In

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we’ll break down these strange words for you. Skeuomorphism refers to design that resembles real-life objects. For instance, when you browse through the Newsstand on your iPhone you’ll notice that it mimics a real news stand with wood textures, lots of shadows and “real” magazines.

web design trends for Fall 2013

The ‘Newsstand’ in the iOS 6 is a perfect example for Skeuomorphism design

Skeuomorphism has been the rage over the past years due to the enormous popularity of Apple’s iOS, but the bold design revolution of Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ user-interface introduced a new direction – “Flat” design. Flat design refers to a philosophy that encourages simplicity, clarity and usability. In practice, that means stripping away nifty 3D textures or drop shadows while keeping the bare essentials.

The rise of flat design is now inexorable. Apple’s recent radical redesign of iOS7, embracing a more minimalistic and flatter design, is the ultimate proof that “Flat” is here to stay.

web design trends for Fall 2013

Microsoft’s Metro design originally sparked the Flat design trend

web design trends for Fall 2013

Here you can see the differences between the old skeuomorphism style of iOS6 VS. the new flat design of iOS7

Use of Colours and Flat Icons

In this Creative Events website template, contrasting colors have been used for different flat icons to effectively demarcate the various sections of the website. Considerable use of whitespace (blank portions on the layout – not necessarily white!) also aids in separating and highlighting the icons for a neat, elegant look.

web design trends for Fall 2013

Big Images, Big Text and Lots of Whitespace

Another hyped web design trend is the use of very large images and combined with large typography. This dance studio website template uses two imposing images of dancers, huge text lines and simple shapes to effectively convey the idea of dance and motion. Notice how the layout uses whitespace and only few elements, lending emphasis to the main message of the website.

web design trends for Fall 2013

Dynamic Grid Layout

It’s hard to deny the influence that Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ user-interface has had on the popularity of grids. We will continue to see more content separated into square or rectangular containers of different sizes, often with rollover effects. Some great examples include EtchApps, which uses a dynamic grid layout to create a sleek and hip layout.

web design trends for Fall 2013

Another great example of dynamic grid layout can be seen in this Wix template called After School Program.

web design trends for Fall 2013

Large Photos as Backgrounds

Last but not least, websites using large image backgrounds will still be in vogue. This is especially ideal for design portfolio websites, photography or art portfolios and personal websites. By using a compelling photo for the background of your landing page, you help your site’s visitors immediately connect with who you are or what your services are. Check out this cute Wix template to get a good feel of how that works.

web design trends for Fall 2013



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