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Designing with Wix \ SEP 1st 2013

5 Wix Features to Supercharge your Website

Beyond free stunning and beautiful templates, Wix gives you access to a plethora of cool features. Whether you are creating a website for your small business or showcasing your creative work, Wix provides you with a premium set of tools to help you turn your website from good to exceptional. Here’s a list of five smart and effective tools to enhance your Wix experience:

1. Image Editor – Enhance Your Photos with Just One Touch

Good quality photos are essential for professional web design. Wix’s Aviary-powered image editor offers all the features you will ever need to maximize your photos’ potential. The editor’s intuitive interface means that you can easily re-size, crop, change a picture’s orientation, or adjust for contrast, brightness, saturation and warmth. With multiple filters and effects to choose from, you can work wonders with your photos and make them fit any theme you want. To edit portrait photos, just select from the array of features available including ‘Whiten’, ‘Blemish’, and ‘Red Eye’ correction. For a personal touch, go one step further with cute stickers, or draw and add customizable text to your image.

  • To start editing your images in the Wix Editor, simply click on any image, choose ‘Edit Image’ and scroll horizontally to see all options.

5 Wix Features to Supercharge your Website

2. Tint – Integrate & Display Your Social Feeds Dynamically

Located in the Wix App Market, Tint allows you to embed social feeds into your website. Aggregating all your social content and interacting via different platforms have never been easier. Whether you would like to integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or RSS, Tint has you  covered!And the best thing about Tint? It displays your feeds in a dynamic-magazine style that makes your site more engaging with real-time stories element.

  • To use Tint, just click on the Wix App Market icon in the Wix Editor, select the category ‘Social’ and choose ‘Tint’.

5 Wix Features to Supercharge your Website

3. 123ContactForm – Create Customizable Forms for your Site’s Various Needs

Another popular app in the Wix App Market is 123ContactForm. This app lets you create slick, customizable forms on your Wix site within a few clicks. What’s incredible about this app is its wide range of form templates. These include forms for mailing list signup, event registration, donation, sales lead, testimonial and customer satisfaction survey, etc. This app also comes with top-notch features that let you receive file uploads within Wix forms, set multiple recipients for submissions or synchronize your forms with Google Docs.

  • 123ContactForm can be found in the Wix App Market, under ‘Business Tools’.

5 Wix Features to Supercharge your Website

4. Animated Grid Gallery – Create beautiful dynamic photo galleries

Wix offers you various ways to showcase your images through grids, slideshows and slider galleries. A cross between the grid and  the slideshow gallery, the animated grid gallery allows youto showcase multiple images and animate them with various transition effects.  Trust us – once you try this, you’ll never want to return to static galleries!

  • To use this feature in the Wix Editor, click ‘Add’ icon > ‘Gallery’ > ‘Animated Grid’.

5 Wix Features to Supercharge your Website

5. Wix SEO Wizard – Optimize your Website Traffic

So you’ve created a stunning website but no one knows about it still. Fret not. With Wix SEO Wizard & Monitoring tool, you can now increase the visibility of your website in major search engines like Google and Bing. This cutting-edge, easy-to-use tool analyzes your site, generates a concise report of your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and recommends easy steps you can take to drive more visitors to your website.

  • To leverage this powerful feature, simply click on ‘Settings’ icon > ‘SEO (Google)’ > ‘Use Wix SEO Wizard’.

5 Wix Features to Supercharge your Website

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Colin Pang is an eclectic man who writes on a vast range of topics, with a focus on tech trends, innovation, web design, travel, languages and entrepreneurship.You can visit his website at www.colinpang.com

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