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New Features \ AUG 22nd 2013

New at Wix: Powerful Business Management Apps

The App Market is one of the most successful features in the Wix Editor. Packed with dozens of powerful apps that cover almost any functionality, Wix’ App Market is the go-to place for anyone interested in enhancing their website, improving its visibility, strengthening interaction with clients or driving sales. Today, we’re happy to launch the new business management apps.

The new business management apps have something for everyone. Whether you’re an eCommerce shop owner, a freelancer, or a product-centered small business, we guarantee you will find an app that caters to your specific needs. The scope of new functionalities now available is amazing – from issuing invoices to managing your unique business email addresses and generating leads, these apps can (and will) save you time and trouble.

16 New Great Business Apps to Empower your Website

What’s So Special About the New Business Management Apps?
The new business management apps belong to a new ‘behind-the-scenes’ category. This means that none of these apps are visible on your website and can only be seen from your own dashboard. Although invisible to your visitors, these apps constantly power up your business. Your website’s appearance remains as attractive as ever but it secretly hosts powerful business agents.

How Do I Add These Apps to My Website?
You can easily add any app you want to your website directly from your Wix dashboard.
Go to “My Account” > Click “Add Business Apps” > Find the App you need > Click “Add App”

So What’s On the Menu?
Here are some of the exciting functionalities you can add to your website as of today:

Manage Inboxes on Your Custom Domain

Google Apps for Business now integrates with the domains that you host with Wix via Google Email. Get cloud-based email with an ad-free version of the beloved Gmail interface, which you can use with email addresses on your branded domain, adding to your professional prestige. The app comes with full support for Google’s Contacts, Calendar and Drive tools. You’ll enjoy significant storage quotas, too: 25 GB for the inboxes and 5 GB for Drive.

16 New Great Business Apps to Empower your Website


Receive Calls Anywhere at No Cost to Your Prospects

With MightyCall Toll-Free, for about 10 cents per day, Wix site owners based in the US can pick a toll-free phone number and enjoy 60 minutes of inbound talk time each month. The calls can be set to forward to the existing line of your choice – your cell, office line or even home.

16 New Great Business Apps to Empower your Website


Track Social Media Stats from Your Wix Dashboard

Free to all Premium account holders, the powerful Facebook Analytics app helps you to track the performance of your onsite Facebook integration and your Facebook Business Page. Without leaving your Wix My Account dashboard, you can see fan engagement metrics, viral reach, audience growth, hosted Like button clickthrough rates and more, and you can even export your metrics as a downloadable spreadsheet.

16 New Great Business Apps to Empower your Website


Manage Your Accounts Receivable Activities

Cloud-based bookkeeping just got easier, thanks to InvoiceASAP. Track payments, capture signatures, issue estimates, attach photos, invoice customers, brand all of your documents and accept payments via PayPal for under $8 per month. And yes, it’s all stored securely in the cloud and accessible from your smartphone or from your Wix dashboard. There’s a free version, too.

16 New Great Business Apps to Empower your Website


Increase Your Visibility and Opportunities

Powered by the comprehensive and respected DoNanza directory, the Lead Generator app allows service providers using Wix to build rich profiles within seconds. From here, business prospects can click through to your Wix site, and you can also search tens of thousands of job posts that DoNanza pulls from crowdsourcing sites, freelance marketplaces and local listing sites. Upgrade to the $5.99 version to promote your profile and gain access to full metrics.

16 New Great Business Apps to Empower your Website

But this is just the beginning. Beyond those highlighted above, there are already 11 more business management apps available. And don’t forget to also check back in with the App Market every now and then – we’re adding new exciting apps all the time!

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