Life Changer: Inspirational Stories by Wix Users

July 3rd 2013 | Now Trending

Who doesn’t love a good heart-warming story about life-changing decisions? These kinds of stories make us smile, and remind us that the bigger decisions in life, those that require some courage, can really set us on interesting new paths.

At Wix, we often get to hear beautiful stories from people who use our platform to create or extend the presence of their business online. Every once in a while we get a story that involves a dramatic career change or other major decisions. This is the kind of beautiful stories we want to share with you on this post.

Veronica Blanco, Designer-Turned-Dog-Whisperer

Veronica followed her true calling and swapped her profession of graphic design for dog walking. Watch her inspiring story:

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Martin Hollingworth – Photography Dreams Become Reality

At 54 after being injured and unable to continue his work as a truck driver, Martin Hollingworth made the brave decided to turn a hobby into a profession. Since then, he became a freelance photographer. Read Martin’s full story

Inspirational Stories About Career Change by Wix Users


Debbie Eiser, A Sweet New Career

Debbie Eiser, a longtime New York City resident, made a career change about fifteen years ago from advertising & publishing to the food industry. She makes irresistible chocolate lollipops, truffles, and more. Read Debbie’s full story

 Inspirational Stories About Career Change by Wix Users

Cory & Silvia McCollow – Family, Work, Fun

Husband and wife team, Cory and Silvia, are living their dream – they are running a family restaurant, called Nido, in Oakland. Silvia is the chef, basing her menu on her family’s recipes and Cory is in charge of the business aspect.  He used Wix to easily set up and develop a website for their restaurant despite having no previous experience designing websites. Watch their story:

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Have you have a life changing story to tell?  Share it with us and we’ll post it on Wix Talks!



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