How to Shoot Great Smartphone Photos in the Summer

July 23rd 2013 | Photography

Summer can be highly photogenic. The beach, the sun, summer sports & games, it’s a time full of fun and action. Luckily, in this day and age, your smartphone is with you all the time, meaning you’re more likely than ever to capture awesome moments as they happen. Get these tips below and upgrade your smartphone photography skills to make this year’s summer picture collection truly spectacular.

How to Shoot Great Smartphone Photos in the Summer

Avoid Under Exposure

One of the challenges of snapping photos on a beach during summer, is that it can get incredibly bright with the sea and sand reflecting the sunlight. Often your smartphone’s camera could get the wrong reading, causing it to under expose your shots, which will result in a too-dark photo. To avoid this disappointing outcome, move around and change angles to where you get the least amount of sunlight reflection.

How to Shoot Great Smartphone Photos in the Summer

Use the Burst Mode

Summer brings with it adventure and high-energy fun. Sometimes you want to shoot an action-filled peak moment, but your phone is too slow to capture just the right timing. You can solve it by shooting “Burst Mode”.
“Burst” is a shooting mode which allows several photographs to be captured in quick succession, providing you with dozens of options to choose from, all taken in a short few seconds. You can download the Burst Mode app for $1.99 from the app store or if you’re using an Android device, Burst Mode is often built in.

How to Shoot Great Smartphone Photos in the Summer

Shoot from Different Angles

Shooting photos from multi angles is good not only for avoiding brightness, it’s also important for producing diverse and creative photos. Shoot your summer photos while kneeling down, looking from above, even lying down. Think of the number of great volleyball scenes and situations you can capture by increasing the variety of viewpoints.

How to Shoot Great Smartphone Photos in the Summer

Zoom in and out

Today, your mobile phone camera can do many cool, elementary things that weren’t available just few short years ago. For example, tap to focus or Zoom in and out are built-in features on iPhone 4 and beyond as well as Windows phones and almost any Android device. So don’t forget to adjust your camera settings and optimize your photo right before you hit the shutter release.

How to Shoot Great Smartphone Photos in the Summer


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range imaging, and it’s a known photography practice recently introduced to smartphone cameras, built in or through the use of apps. When you take a photo of a scenery that has a high contrast of light, or even several ranges of light intensity, you need a camera that can capture the entire range of light.
Instead of just taking one photo, HDR uses three photos, taken at different exposures and stitches those three images together highlighting the best parts of each photo to produce a picture that is representative of both dark and bright areas. Try turning HDR on in your camera app, or use an HDR app like TrueHDR, or ProHDR.

Get a Super-Protective Cover

Between the water, the sand and outdoor sports, summer can get pretty messy. Since you’re taking your smartphone device with you to adventurous locations that may pose threats to technology, don’t forget to dress up your phone properly. With the right case, you won’t mind getting wet, greasy or even plain dirty. You could even take great underwater snorkle shots with cases like Hitcase Pro Waterproof or the more affordable Joy Factory BubbleShield Re-usable Waterproof Sleeves.

How to Shoot Great Smartphone Photos in the Summer

Photo Collage Art

Once you have awesome summer photos, piece them together and create a beautiful, fun collage that you can send to your friends or just keep for your own viewing pleasure.
Collage apps give you the power to assemble multiple images from one event or day into a single snapshot that captures the overall vibe. Download Pic Frame or the Pic Stich to perform the artful bringing together directly on your phone, or you can use an online app like Fotor, and create collages at the convenience of your desktop computer.

How to Shoot Great Smartphone Photos in the Summer


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