Simplify Your Website with These Wix Apps

July 18th 2013 | Wix Updates

A key rule of thumb in website building is keeping it simple. Whether your site is an online exhibition of your art or an eCommerce shop, creating an easy and straightforward user-experience should be a top priority.

In addition to creating a friendly and intuitive user experience, simplifying your website can also be achieved by integrating tools and apps that make it easier for your site visitors to engage with your content.

The Wix App Market is filled with awesome apps that cater to a large variety of needs and target markets. Here’s a rundown of six useful apps that can make a real difference in keeping your site’s visitors happy and informed.

Simplify Your Website with These Wix Apps

To review one of these apps, simply visit the Wix App Market and type its name in the search bar.

Data Lists

Generally speaking, people’s attention span is not at its best when online. No matter how patient in real life, while online,  people lose their patience very quickly if their needs are not instantly met. That’s why it’s essential to keep your content simple, clear and accessible.  Data Lists takes care of this by displaying product catalogs, courses, event selections and other promotional information in a convenient table. It’s a win-win app: your clients aren’t overwhelmed by big chunks of text and can easily find what they’re looking for. And you, as website admin, enjoy a smart platform that saves you space and makes your messaging more effective.

Simplify Your Website with These Wix Apps

Automated Chat

You should always have answers and solutions for your website visitors, even when you are not online. With Automated Chat, you can prepare a number of automated replies to assist site visitors in various situations. When you are online and available for chat, you can reply according to the issue at hand. When you are not available, the automated messages will be a first step in providing support to your clients in your absence.

Simplify Your Website with These Wix Apps

SignBot eSigning

It’s funny how so many services nowadays offer purely online access – up until that moment when you need to get a signature, that is. SignBot is the app that brings signatures to the 21st century. It makes it easy for your clients and followers to sign various documents right on the site. No more blurry faxes, no more papers piling up on your desk. Classic.

Simplify Your Website with These Wix Apps


Your visitors have questions. Be ready to answer them in advance with a helpful FAQ section. If you provide valuable answers in advance you are not only creating a stronger sense of trust, you are also increasing the chances of making a real connection with potential clients. The FAQ app is perfect this way, because it helps you with reassuring site visitors about any concerns they may have.

Simplify Your Website with These Wix Apps

Google Drive

A great way to display documents like spreadsheets or presentations, thus breaking free from the burden of downloading. This app allows you to seamlessly embed docs to your site and provide your visitors with valuable information that they otherwise would have to save to their own PC’s. If you’re not already familiar with Google Drive, you’ll be blown away by the control it gives you over the docs you create or upload. Take a chance on Google Drive!

Simplify Your Website with These Wix Apps

Appointment Booking

Does your line of business involve personal appointments? Simplify it! Allow your customers to book meetings and sessions directly on your website. Spare them the need to call, hold the line and check availability with your employees. They can schedule their own meetings in just a few clicks, directly from your website. By removing steps from the process, you are increasing the chances of your visitors actually “sealing the deal”.

Simplify Your Website with These Wix Apps


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